Informatics Centre

The Informatics Centre is equipped with a computer network based on Windows NT Network operating system. It includes a Windows NT Server and 38 workstations. The entire project including interior of the centre was donated by M/s T.K. Beefathima Beevi Memorial Charitable Trust, Chaliyam, Kozhikode.

The new additions, Web Development Centre and the Cyber House are supported by Jb. E. Ahamed Saheb (Member of Parliament) and Jb. M.P. Abdussamad Samadani (Member of Parliament) under their Local Area Development Programmes. These two projects are the indices of our quest for changes and innovation.

Computing facilities at Farook College includes powerful computers for providing support for diverse computing requirements, access to bibliographic databases and archives for rapid retrieval of relevant information, and for updating and disseminating of academic and research material. The IT setup at Farook College comprises of a multi-layered architecture, the lowest layer of which is made up of personal computers and workstations. The next layer consists of File servers and Database servers. All the buildings including hostels on the campus are part of the campus LAN and all the services available on the LAN can be accessed from any point.

Hardware Infrastructure

There are more than 250 high-end personal computers connected over the campus LAN under some of the latest Network Operating Systems running on some of the latest high-end Servers.

Network printing facility is available on a wide variety of printers such as Inkjet, Laser and Dot Matrix Printers. All these printers can be shared in a networked environment. Other equipment available in the centre includes CD/DVD Writers and High quality Scanners.

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