Research Scholars

Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 MADATHUM THAZHA KUNIYIL MUNEER Dr. ABDUL MAJEED .T "Imam Muhammed B in Id ri s A lr s S h A f f i .H is contributions t o R e f i g i on And Arabic Literature" Part time 18/11/2000
2 JAMSHID P Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER Contribution of Al Arabi Magazine in the development of Arabic Language And Literature Part time 04/04/2012
3 SAKKEENA M.K Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER The popular revolt against the colonial powers:An exploration into the role of malabar scholars as reflected in selected arabic literary works Part time 01/11/2012
4 HASEENA MK Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER Development of modern Arabic literature in Saudi Arabic with special reference to Al Manhal Magazine Part time 07/07/2014
5 ISMAIL K Dr. C. Saidalavi Contemparary Arabic Poetry in Oman with Speacial Reference to Saif Al Rahbi - An Analytical Study Full time 07/07/2014
6 RAJEENA TK Dr. U. Saidalvi Social aspects in the short stories of Huda Naeemi Full time 07/07/2014
7 SAFEENA ATHIYOTTU KUNNUMMAL Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Socio political elements in the works of LATIFA AL-ZAYYAT with special reference to the open door-An Islamic perspective Part time 30/12/2014
8 SHAFFEEQUE P.P Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Madrassa Education and its contribution to Arabic language and culture in Kerala Part time 30/12/2014
9 SHABEERRALI.K.K Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Evolution Of Scientific Lexicon Used In Holy Quran : A Chronological Semantics of the Exegesis Part time 15/10/2015
10 NAJMAL BABU.KC Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K The theory and Praxis of translating Arabic novels into Malayalam and in reverse: A critical perspective on selected texts. Part time 16/12/2015
11 ISHAQUE.K Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Emerging Trends and methods in teaching Arabic language to the non Arabs-A case study of institutions in Malabar Part time 16/12/2015
12 NAHAS.A.H Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Rhetorical approaches of Ayisha Abdul Rahman in the exegesis-A critical study Full time 16/12/2015
13 ABDUL WAHAB.K.V Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Growth and Development of Arabic Calligraphy and Decorative Scripts-A Historical and Aesthetic analysis Part time 02/04/2016
14 USMAN M. K Dr. C. Saidalavi Confessional Elements in Arabic Autobiographical writings : A critical analysis of Selected texts Part time 02/04/2016
15 MANZOORALI.P Dr. ALI NOUFAL .K Development of Children's Literature in Arabic with Special Reference to the Magazine "Al Arabi Al Sagheer': A Linguistic and Ideological Analysis Part time 02/04/2016
16 ABDUL HASEEB K. A Dr. Jamaludheen. K Arabic Rhetoric as reflected in Hadith Literature with Special reference to Sahih Al Bukhari Part time 02/04/2016
17 MUHAMED SHAH A Dr. C. Saidalavi Arab Cultural Reveal in Malayalam Novels : A Study using Abdulla Al Ghadamis method of Cultural Criticism with special reference to selected novels Part time 02/04/2016
18 AHMAD KOYA P Dr. C. Saidalavi Application of Grammatical Theories on Holy Quran- An Analytical Study on the Syndex, Semantics and stylish of Holy Quran Part time 01/07/2016
19 ISHAK PC Dr. C. Saidalavi Depiction of Social Life in the Iraqi Diasporic Novels after US Invasion with special reference to Ali Badar And His Works And Analytical Study Full time 01/07/2016
20 BUSHRA N Dr. Dr.ABDUL JALEEL .M Gender Identity in the select novels of Ahlam Mosteghanemi Part time 11/12/2017
21 YASID MATTAYI Dr. MUHAMMED ABID .U.P Development of Arabic Short Story in the UAE: An Analytical Study with Special Reference to the Contribution of Nasser Al Dhaheri Full time 13/12/2017
22 JAMSEER PK Dr. MUHAMMED ABID .U.P Narrative Techniques in the Literary works of Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi Part time 13/12/2017
23 ABOOBACKER K Dr. MUHAMMED ABID .U.P The Eulogy of Prophet Muhammed by Modern Arab Christian Poets And Its Influence on Communal Harmony Part time 13/12/2017
24 ABDUL HAKEEM K. K Dr. Dr.ABDUL JALEEL .M Contribution of Indian Scholars to ILM UL MANTIQ AND ILM UL KALAM Full time 18/12/2017
25 SHABAB.M Dr. SAJITH E K Emerging Genres in Modern Arabic Literature, a Theoretical Approach Part time 11/04/2018
26 MUHAMMED SALEEM NEERMUNDA Dr. SAJITH E K Time and Place in Radwa Ashour's Novels with Special Focus on Granada Trilogy Part time 11/09/2018
27 SHARAFUDHEEN A Dr. MUHAMMED ABID .U.P Human Values in the Short Stories of Jamal Fayez Full time 07/11/2018
28 NASHID. K Dr. ABBAS .K.P Narrative Techniques in Emirati Stories: Stories of Ibrahim Mubarak as a model Full time 07/11/2018
29 RASHEED V. V Dr. ABBAS .K.P Homeland and Exile in the Novels of Rabai Al Madhoun Full time 07/11/2018
30 ABDULLA A Dr. ABBAS .K.P Migration and Expatriation in Modern Arabic Novels:Bahaa Taher's Love in Exile as a model Full time 13/11/2018
31 SIDHIK T. A Dr. ABDUL MAJEED .T Theories of Behavioural Psychology and Related Quranic verses- A comparative analysis Part time 27/12/2018
32 SHARAFUDHEEN.A.C. Dr. SAGEERALI .T.P The influence of Arabic Mythology on the Fantasy novels Osama Al Muslim Full time 25/03/2019
33 MUHSINA V Dr. ABBAS .K.P Horror Fiction in Arabic Literature -An Analytical Study on Select Works of Abdul Wahhab Assayyid Al Rifaee Full time 25/03/2019
34 SALMANUL FARISI M. C Dr. SAGEERALI .T.P Kuwait Society as Depicted in the Novels of Taleb Al Refai Full time 25/03/2019
35 SHOUKATHALI VALIYAPARAMPATH Dr. SAJITH E K Philosophical Elements in the Fictions of Wacini Al Araj- An Analytical Study Part time 09/04/2019
36 SHUHAIB K. V Dr. ABDUL MAJEED .T Narrative Techniques in Children's Literature of Abdel Tawab Yousef Full time 27/09/2019
37 MOHAMED SADIQU P. A Dr. DR.YUNOOS SALIM Socio Political Aspects in the select novels of Ahamed Khaled Tawfik Part time 03/10/2019
38 ABDURRASHEED E.K Dr. ABDUL MAJEED .T Intertextuality in Arabic Poetry with special focus on 'Nahj Al Burda of Ahmad Shawqi Full time 15/10/2019
39 RAJEESH C. K Dr. SAJITH E K Linguistic Approach of Abdul Hameed Al Farahi in his Quranic Studies Part time 15/10/2019
40 MUHAMMED FAYIZ NAYYAN Dr. DR.YUNOOS SALIM Alfiya of Ibn Malik And it's Annotations of Indian Scholars with a Special Focus on Annomation of Zainuddin Makhdoom- An analytical Study Full time 21/11/2019
41 MUHAMED NISHAB P Dr. SAGEERALI .T.P Philosophical aspects in the texts of Adel Khozam Full time 21/11/2019
42 BISHNEEN HUDHA K. C Dr. SAGEERALI .T.P Women Characters in the novels of Fatima Al Mazrouei: An Analytical Study Full time 29/11/2019
43 RASHIDA RASHEED P.P Dr. DR.YUNOOS SALIM The Socio- Cultural Aspects in the Novels of Samiha Khrais: With Special Reference to Dafatir Al Toofan Full time 05/12/2019
44 FATHAHUL IHSAN Dr. Dr.ABDUL JALEEL .M Represaentation of war and post war crises of Lebanon in the select novels of Rabee Jaber Full time 18/02/2021
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 SHAREEFA BEEGAM P P Dr. SAJITHA .M.A Sexual Terrorism Reflected in Select Pakistani and Afgani Fiction Full time 01/11/2012
2 ABDUL RASHEED Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta The Epistemology of Interactions: The Space of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis in ELT Part time 18/03/2014
3 KABEERALI P Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta Hybridity of Indianness: Unmaking the singularity of India as a Nation in Select Indian English Narratives Full time 30/12/2014
4 ABOOBAKKAR A Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta Urban Formations and the Saturated Selves : A Study of Select works of Orhan Pamuk Part time 30/12/2014
5 POORNIMA R Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta Redefining the Fluid Margins of Gender: A Study of the Identities of "Hijras" and Transgender in Selected Indian Literatures and Films Part time 05/03/2015
6 ABDUL SHAFEEK C H Dr. SAJITHA .M.A Embodying the Body and the Being : A Study Select Science Fiction of Margaret Atwood and Doris Lessing Part time 02/04/2016
7 MOHAMMED SHAFEEQ. M Dr. ZEENATH MOHAMED KUNHI The (In)Nocent Laugh: A Study On The Politics Of Humour In Post-Millennial Malayalam Movies. Part time 02/04/2016
9 ABDUL SAMAD K Dr. BASHEER KOTTA Locating the Other: A Study of Dalit and Mappila Representations in select South Malabar Narratives Part time 28/12/2017
10 NOORJAHAN CK Dr. BASHEER KOTTA The Theme of Defiance in Select Short Stories by Women Writers : An Intercontinental Study Full time 26/02/2018
11 FASILA M Dr. BASHEER KOTTA Haunted Memories And Traumatised Mindscapes : A Comparitive Study of Select Shoah And Nakba Narratives Full time 06/04/2018
12 MITHULA THOMAS Dr. BASHEER KOTTA The Spiritual and the Rational Dialectics: Traumatic Subjectivity in Ian McEwan Full time 07/04/2018
13 JISHA ALEX Dr. BASHEER KOTTA Spectres of Memory : An Anlaysis of Trauma in Select Graphic Novels Full time 07/04/2018
14 SHEMIN K Dr. AYSHA SWAPNA.K.A (RE) Defining Fact, Fiction and Myth: Indian Fiction and Post-Truth Age Full time 27/03/2019
15 HARSHA A U S Dr. AYSHA SWAPNA.K.A 'Herstories' from the Mythical Homelands: Formation of Transcultural Subjectivities in select works by Chinese- American Women Writers Full time 28/03/2019
16 ABIDHA KP Dr. AYSHA SWAPNA.K.A Historic Revisionism and the Politics of Representation : Mapping Tipu Sultan in Select English Literary Narratives Part time 30/03/2019
17 SRUTHI S Dr. AYSHA SWAPNA.K.A The ambit of Magical Realism : A Study of Historical and Cultural Essentiality in Select Indian English Fiction Full time 01/04/2019
18 SAPPHIRE MAHMOOD AHMED Dr. K.RIZWANA SULTANA From Reader to Author: An Analysis of the Creative Dynamics of Select Fan-Fictions of Harry Potter Novels Full time 25/10/2019
19 ASWANI R JEEVAN Dr. K.RIZWANA SULTANA Understanding the Voices From the Fringes : An Analysis of select Tribal Language Poetry of Kerala Full time 28/10/2019
20 SHANIF M K Dr. K.RIZWANA SULTANA The Syncretic Ethos : A Study of the Linguistic and Cultural Heterogeneity of North Malabar Full time 24/02/2020
21 M.K VINEETHA Dr. Babu P.K Inter Cultural Approach in ELT:Exploring the Prospects in the Upper Primary Curriculum of Kerala Part time 16/03/2020
22 SAHIRA KIZHAKKEPEEDIKA Dr. Babu P.K Unmasking the Masquerader : Being/ Becoming in Select Bob Dylan Compositions Full time 19/03/2020
23 DILARA M Dr. ZEENATH MOHAMED KUNHI 'Being Food': A Cross-Cultural Exploration into the Semiotics of Food in Select 20th Century Fiction by Women Full time 27/08/2020
24 AFSAL M Dr. K.RIZWANA SULTANA Holmesian Lives and Afterlives: AnIntellectual History of Modern Crime and Investigation Full time 16/03/2021
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 T. REMI Dr. SUBHA .P.A Studies On Interaction And Perturbations of Hodkin-Huxely And Hindmarsh- Rose Neurons with Brain Stimulations Full time 23/04/2018
2 MUHAMMED JUBEER E Dr. SUBHA .P.A Transition Metal Dopped Zn/Mn Based Nano Structures For Tailored Applications Part time 28/04/2018
3 AMAL ABDULRAHMAN Dr. SUBHA .P.A High Energy Emission Processes from the Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei Full time 09/05/2019
4 THASNEEM A R Dr. SUBHA .P.A Studies on Dynamic of Nonlinear Biological and Optical Systems Full time 09/05/2019
6 SANDHYA V Dr. Rajeevan. N E Preparation And Characterization of Transition Metal Oxide Based Magnetoelectric Multi Ferroic Oxides Full time 17/05/2019
7 DRISYA K Dr. Rajeevan. N E Study of Magnetic Structure in rare Earth Doped Transition Metal Oxides by Neurton Diffraction Part time 17/05/2019
8 ANAS SWALIH P K Dr. SULFIKKARALI .N.K Functionalisation of Magnetic Nanoparticle For Biological Applications Part time 05/10/2019
9 SREEKUTTY P.V Dr. SULFIKKARALI .N.K Multifunctionalization of Gadolinium based nanoparticles for Biomedical Application Full time 18/03/2020
10 KISHAN KUMAR S R Dr. Rajeevan. N E Synthesis and Characterizations of Rare-earth doped Ceramic Oxides for Energy Efficient Capacitors Part time 28/05/2020
11 SHIJA. K Dr. Rajeevan. N E Study of Ferromagnetic Bilayer Sytem Spacered With Frustrated Magnetic Oxides Part time 28/05/2020
12 SHAFI K M Dr. Biju. K P Development of TiO2 and ZnO Based Transparent Resistive Random Access Memory Devices Part time 30/06/2020
13 HARITHA P V Dr. Rajeevan. N E Exploring Spin Glasses‐ Simulation on Scales of Space-time periods of External Field. Full time 06/07/2020
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 RAJAGOPALAN.P.C Dr. A.K ABDUL RAHIM Metal Chelates of some Formazan Part time 01/11/2012
2 RAMYA N K Dr. REJI THOMAS Assemblies of Heterocyclic And ∏- Conjugated Molecules: Structure And Properties Full time 02/04/2016
3 FEMINA. C Dr. REJI THOMAS Synthesis of some Supramolecular Assembles and their structure- Property Correlations Full time 20/12/2017
4 SUMAYYA K Dr. REJI THOMAS Synthesis Structure And Properties of Carbon Based Functional Materials Full time 12/01/2018
5 SHANAVAS YOOSUF Dr. SHALINA BEGUM .T Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Modified Graphene Nanocomposites Part time 18/01/2018
6 MUHAMMED NISAMUDDEEN PP Dr. SHALINA BEGUM .T Synthesis, Characterization And Application of Some Heterocyclic Compounds Full time 02/03/2018
7 REMYA L Dr. SAJITH .P.K Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Structure and Reactivity of Hypervalent Iodine Complexes Part time 31/10/2018
8 THUFAIL M ISMAIL Dr. SAJITH .P.K "Computational Study on Mechanistic details of the Direct Decomposition of NO over Metal-Loaded Zeolites" Full time 04/01/2019
9 MOHAMMED FARHAN K T Dr. SAJITH .P.K Theoretical Study of the Confinement effect of Metal Loaded Zeolites on NO Decomposition Reaction Full time 16/10/2019
10 HADIYA.M.A Dr. SAJITH .P.K NOx Adsorption and Decomposition Over Graphene Derivatives a Computational Approach Full time 16/02/2021
11 ATHIRA P Dr. REJI THOMAS Synthesis and characterization of some π- Conjugated molecules and their non covalent and metal coordinated assemblies Full time 22/02/2021
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 JASEELA V Dr. HABEEBREHMAN .H An Epidemiological and Cytogenetic Study of Down's Syndrome in the Malabar Region of Kerala Full time 11/12/2015
4 KARTHIKA CHANDRAN Dr. HABEEBREHMAN .H A Comparative Study of Mixed-Species Bird Flocks in Natural Forest Habitat and Selected Human-Modified Landscapes in Wayanad, southern Western Ghats Full time 08/01/2018
5 RAHANA MOIDEEN KOYA V K Dr. SOBHA .T.R Studies on the Acarine Fauna Association with Plantation Crops in Malabar, Kerala, India Part time 02/03/2018
6 PRAVEENA K.K Dr. SOBHA .T.R Beneficial Aspects of Oribatid Mites in Relation to Environment Full time 01/01/2019
7 INDU K Dr. SOBHA .T.R Studies on House Dust Acari in Northern Kerala, India Full time 15/05/2019
8 SHABANA T.P Dr. SOBHA .T.R Studies on the Soil Mite Fauna (Acari: Mesostigmata) in Forest Ecosystem of Malabar Region, Kerala India Part time 01/11/2019
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 MUHAMMED SIRAJUDIN. K Dr. MUHAMMEDALI .T Arakkal Swaroopam: Matriliny, Trade and Politics ( 1723 – 1907) Part time 01/11/2012
2 KUNHI SOOPY MEETHALE KORO THARAMMEL Dr. MUHAMMEDALI .T The Paradigms of society, culture and knowledge: an inquiry in to the epistemology of Ibn Khaldun Part time 01/11/2012
3 UDAYAKUMAR. P Dr. MANMATHAN .M.R Colonial Intervention and Transformation of Human Ecology: Tribal Life in Malabar, 1800-1947 Part time 02/05/2013
4 SHAMLI. CK Dr. MUHAMMEDALI .T A Social History of Ship Building in Malabar ( 900 – 1900 CE) Part time 07/07/2014
5 JIJI FRANCIS E Dr. MANMATHAN .M.R Inland Water Ways, Trade Networks and Mercantile Groups in Central Kerala (1800-1960) Part time 19/12/2017
6 SUJA K S Dr. MUHAMMEDALI .T Social Forms of Religion in Wayanad- a Historical Study Part time 19/12/2017
7 MIMI K M Dr. MANMATHAN .M.R Passion for Elephants and Modern Popular Culture : Exploring the Ritual World of central Kerala Part time 19/12/2017
8 VASISHT M C Dr. MUHAMMEDALI .T Local Self Government, Development and Growth of Democratic Institutions in Colonial Period : A Study of Malabar Part time 06/01/2018
9 SHANA PARVEEN . P.T Dr. MANMATHAN .M.R Historical Geography of Ernad Full time 28/11/2018
10 NEENU V Dr. ANAZ .C.A Settlements, Society and Culture: A Study of Beypore, Chaliyam and Feroke Region Full time 05/02/2020
11 ROSHNA P.P Dr. ANAZ .C.A Urban Spatial Formation in Manjeri: A Historical Enquiry Full time 05/02/2020
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 SHAMEEM P.K Dr. Dr.K.SAMSUDHEEN Role of insurance in risk mitigation of MSME's in Kerala Part time 16/10/2018
2 HAMAMALI EK Dr. ABDUL AZEES .P Influence of In-store retail displays on Impulsive buying behaviour of customers in Kerala Part time 16/10/2018
3 JUMANA N P Dr. Dr.K.SAMSUDHEEN Revival of Defunct Startups in Kerala Full time 01/01/2019
4 NEENU C Dr. MOHAMED NISHAD. T Volatility Asymmetry and Leverage Effect in Indian Capital Market- A Study on Behavioral Explanation of Investors in Kerala Full time 21/07/2020
5 SUMAYYA. C. V Dr. MOHAMED NISHAD. T Co-integration of Financial Markets in India and Select Countries: A study on Risk Management of Investors in Kerala Full time 03/08/2020
6 ASWATHI P Dr. MOHAMED NISHAD. T Volatility Dynamics and Hedging Effectiveness in Futures Market:An Indian Experience Full time 07/12/2020
7 JINCY. V.K. Dr. RESHMI .R Social Security For the Organized Working Class in Kerala Through Employee State Insurance Corporation-An Empirical Analysis of Service Quality. Part time
8 PRADINSHA E.T Dr. RESHMI .R Dividend Puzzle and Information Asymmetry: An Empirical Study of Indian Stock Market with Special Reference to Behavioural Aspects of Kerala Investors Full time 22/12/2020
9 ANOOP.P Dr. RESHMI .R Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing Immersive Commerce strategy in Modern Indian Retailing. Part time 18/01/2021
10 RUFSHA M Dr. Dr.K.SAMSUDHEEN Exchange Rate Volatility and Hedging of Currency Exposure Puzzle Full time 21/01/2021
11 MUSLA V Dr. RESHMI .R A Study on the Relationship Between Corporate Sustainability and Competitive Advantage Using Triple Bottom Line Approach Full time 25/02/2021
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 Nizamudheen V Dr Shefeeq T Numerical approximations for option pricing problems Full time 8/10/2021
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 NITHA K U Dr. KRISHNARANI .S.D Some new asymmetric distributions and related time series models Full time 23/09/2015
2 VIDYA V P Dr. KRISHNARANI .S.D Non-Linear Time Series Models and their Applications Full time 28/09/2015
3 FATHIMA JAFNA Dr. KRISHNARANI .S.D Some Contributions to Stochastic Voltility Models Full time 30/04/2019
4 ASHLIN VARKEY Dr. HARITHA.N.HARIDAS A quantile based study on income distribution and income inequality maesures Full time 30/04/2019
Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Full time/Part time Date of Joining Remarks
1 SAINUL ABIDEEN. N Dr. KABEER V Study of Photon based Computing for the Management of the Performance of Computation Process Full time 04/07/2014
2 MOOHAMMED SHAMEER M C Dr. ABDUL HALEEM .P.P A Lightweight, Reliable, Disconnected and distributed Message Transaction Model in Wireless Mobile Environment Part time 20/08/2015
3 SAMEER. V V Dr. KABEER V Computer Recognition and Analysis of Arabi Malayalam Script and Documents Part time 01/09/2015
4 SHILPA. C Dr. KABEER V Online Malayalam Handwritten word Recognition using Directional Features and Artificial Neural Networks Part time 04/09/2015
5 HARIS U Dr. KABEER V Computer Aided Detection And Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Texture Analysis And Pattern Recognition Methods in Digital Mammograms Part time 02/04/2016
6 FATHIMA KUNHI MOHAMED Dr. ABDUL HALEEM .P.P Nonlinear Speech Analysis and Modeling for Malayalam Speech Recognition Part time 19/12/2016
7 AFSAL K Dr. KABEER V Computer Aided Identification of Medicinal Plant Leaves using Neuro-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition And Other Artificial Intelligence Methods Part time 19/12/2016
8 BODHY KRISHNA S Dr. ABDUL HALEEM .P.P Study of Broadcasting Techniques in Manet Routing Protocols Full time 28/03/2017