General Section

General section contains General stack, books in Malayalam language and literature, Book Bank collection, Urdu and Hind collection etc. Reading space in this section can accomodate more than 100 students.

Career Corner

Well stacked resources for various career development programs are one of the attractions of the Abussabah library. Books for various competitive exams like UGC NET, GATE and NEET etc.. are available in this section. Special attention is given to add state of the art books for Civil services examinations in this section. Books for job oriented examinations like PSC, UPSC etc. are also available in this section.

PG Section

PG section contains books for circulation. Books are arranged according to DDC and well stacked in this section. There is an exclusive section for Arabic books in this section.

Reference section

Reference section has 3 subsections:
a) General reference section
This section contains general referece materials such as Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Directories etc.. More than 15000 books are available in this section.
b) Text Book Reference
This section contains one copy of the text books prescribed in the syllabus of the institution. Costly books having only a single copy are also stacked in this section.
c) Thesis/ Dissertation section
This section contains copies of the Theses/ Dissertations submitted in various teaching departments of the institution.

Mappila Studies and Research Section (MSRC)

Mappila Studies and Research Centre is a centre housed on the campus to promote research and documentation on Malabar Studies. It provides financial assistance for minor projects on the issues of structural formation of variables in the social fabric of the region and the community. It also updates the data pertaining to the issues of the marginalised demographic groups in the region.

Circulation section

Books are issued to the members from this section. Members must record their entry to the library in the 'In out Management system' kept in this section.

Technical section

Technical works related with the library such as classification, cataloguing, labelling and processing of membership requests etc are done from this section.

Periodicals section

Periodicals section is arranged in two areas. In the left side of the general stack journals are are arranged and in the right wing magazines are arranged. Both are arranged alphabetically by title.

Boud Volumes section

Back volumes of the journals subscribed are bounded and kept in this section.

News paper section

A separate news paper reading section is available in the library. There are 10 news papers subscribed in the library.

Reprographic centre

A reprographic centre is functioning inside the Abussabah library complex. This facility is intended for photocopying various library resources and other outside resources. Books can be xeroxed within the limits of the copyright laws. All types of application forms for various education purposes of the institution are available in this section. An amount of Rs. 2 per page will be charged for using this facility

Research corner

In order to foster research a separate section is available for teachers and research scholars.