Department of Statistics

Department Profile

The Department of Statistics was established in 1982 and is currently offering B.Sc., M.Sc. programmes in Statistics and is a Research centre in Statistics.  The undergraduate programme is noted for its combination with Actuarial Science and Mathematics. The postgraduate programme gives special focus on Time Series Analysis, Lifetime Data Analysis ,Operations Research and Stochastic Processes.  The department was identified by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for FIST support in 2002. The department has made significant contributions in the field of training, research and application of Statistics. The research outputs are mainly in the field of stochastic estimation, which is a major branch of Statistics. Presently faculties are working in the fields of specialization, viz., Distribution Theory, Statistical Inference, Reliability Theory, Statistical Quality Control, Time Series and Actuarial Science.

At present, the faculty strength of the department is eight with six assistant professors and two assistant professors on contract basis. The former heads of the department are Prof.C.H.Yousuf, Dr. P.Anilkumar, Dr. N.V.Samiyya and Dr.Krishnarani S. D. The former faculty members are Prof. N. Raju, Prof.S. Krishnan, Prof. K. Rasheed,  Prof. C. Ummerkoya, Dr. K. K. Hamsa, Dr. Z.A.Ashraf, Dr. T.P.Muhammed Fareed and  Dr. Abdul Saleem E. The members of faculty are well associated with professional and academic bodies in Statistics at the national level and also have represented in the administrative and academic bodies of this college and University like Faculty of Science, Board of Examinations, Board of Studies etc. They are actively engaged in interaction with various agencies like UGC, CSIR, UPSC, KPSC, NSSO, Coconut Development Board, Govt. of India, Social Forestry, Govt. of Kerala and other academic institutions/ Universities in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala for the development of Statistics education as a whole. The department offers Statistical consultancy services to the needy people.

The department offers training programmes in Statistical softwares such as SPSS, Minitab and R programmes to the students. The department is also conducting a certificate programme in ‘Data Analysis using Excel and R’. For an effective implementation of this programme a Wi-Fi enabled computer lab supported by 30 computer systems has been established.  These systems are connected through Local Area Network (LAN).  Broadband internet connectivity is provided to all the systems which enable faculty, researchers and students to access internet during the working hours.