Staff Club

Staff Club

The Staff club is formed to facilitate positive interaction between the teachers of various departments of the college. All teaching staff are members of the club.The club organises programmes for recreation and talks on the topic of socio-political importance.

The Staff Club maintains a Welfare Fund to support the retiring members of the staff.The Following are the office bearers for the period 2021-2022


Dr. K. M. Naseer
Principal Farook college
Ph: 9061223300


Mr. Mohamed Nishad M.
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Ph: 9207136888

Joint Secretary

Dr. K. A. Aysha Swapna , 9846481119

Dr. K. Kishore Kumar , 9895339755


Ms. P. Jamsheena , 9946632337

Executive members

Capt. Dr. P. Abdul Azees , 9961225577

Dr. A. P. Maimoonath , 9400931090

Dr. K.P. Abbas , 9747395076

Dr. Muhammed Yoosuf , 9447314241


Dr. Haritha N. Haridas , 9387695869