Department of Physical Education

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The Department provides facilities for various games such as football, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Handball, Base Ball, Softball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball etc. The Physical Education Council of the college comprises the General Captain, the captains of various Teams and the members of the staff. The Principal is advised by the council in relation to activities and programmes of the Department


Irshad Hassan C

HOD,Assistant Professor





– M.Phil

– PhD

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Fazil Ashar N V

Assistant Professor


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1 .Physical Education

Open Course for 5th sem UG students -Physical activity health and wellness


1 .Facilities

·        Football court

·        400 meters athletic track

·        Cricket field and nets

·        Handball court

·        Tennis court

·        Volleyball courts

·        Basketball courts

·        Areas for softball and baseball

·        Multipurpose indoor stadium

·        Well-equipped fitness center 

1 .Funded Projects

Multipurpose fitness center - 5 lakhs



1 .Awards and recognition

1.    Department was awarded the third best college for the outstanding performance in the field of sports for three years consecutively from 2011 to 2014

2.     The department is been recognized  by the university for organizing the south zone inter university football tournament in a befitting manner in the year 2012-2013 and 2016-17

2 .National level

Baseball Women: Athulya C K, Sana Jinsiya, Sneha V, Raja Fathima, Hasish Rahna and Abhilasha A K represented Kerala baseball team and became the champions in the national senior baseball championship 2020-21 held at Andhra pradesh

Softball: Amal Mohandas and JishnuC, represented Kerala state senior softball team in the national softball championship

Softball Women: Sruthi M S and Nasina sherin T, represented Kerala state senior softball team for the national softball championship 2020-21

Handball Men: Mohammed Safwan, Mohammed Sahad C, represented Kerala state Senior Handball team for national championships 2020-21

Handball Men: Amjad Ibrahim represented Kerala state Junior Handball team for national championships 2020-21

3 .University level

·   Calicut University A zone – Football championship

·  Calicut University inter- zone Baseball women Championship

·  Calicut University inter- zone Softball men Championship

Events & Activities

1 .Activities 2020-21

This year college teams participated in 10 disciplines,they are:

1.      Football

2.      Baseball Men

3.      Baseball Women

4.      Handball

5.      Shuttle badminton

6.      Cricket

7.      Body building

8.      Powerlifting

9.      Softball Men

10. Table Tennis Men