Best Practices

Best Practices


1. VISMAY (Vidyarthi Seva Evam Marganirdharan Yojana) (विद्यार्थीसेवाएवंमार्गनिधारणयोजना)

About the Program: VISMAY is a comprehensive program at Farook College aimed at nurturing students by offering diverse support services and developmental opportunities to enrich their educational experience and personal growth. VISMAY aims to create a conducive environment for students through its Student Support and Encouragement Programme as well as Skill Development Programmes.

The program recognizes and addresses the unique challenges faced by students, ensuring their overall development. Through various initiatives including financial support, coaching programmes, alumni assistance, leadership programs, personality development workshops, and life skills training, VISMAY nurtures students' personal and interpersonal skills.

Moreover, VISMAY is committed to empowering students by providing them with necessary tools such as opportunities for publication, involvement in the design and programming of the ERP, collaboration on college website projects, and facilities for IAS preparation.


  • Holistic Student Support: Provide comprehensive support to students, including financial assistance, awards, and coaching for competitive examinations, ensuring their academic success and overall well-being.
  • Skill Enhancement: Offer diverse skill development opportunities through workshops, seminars, and personal growth programs, fostering students' professional competencies and enhancing their employability.
  • Academic and Professional Networking: Facilitate interactions between students, alumni, and professionals through events such as departmental fests, seminars, and publication opportunities, fostering a robust academic and professional network within and beyond the college community.
  • Technology Integration: Promote technological proficiency among students through involvement in projects such as FAIMS (Administrative and Integrated Management Software Development) and website updating, preparing them for the digital demands of the modern workforce.
  • Civil Service Preparation: Provide resources and support through PM Institutes for students aspiring for civil services, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers in public service.

EDUSUPPORT (Financial Assistance Program): EDUSUPPORT, is a system for financial help to students mobilizing funds through donations and subscriptions. The aim of EDUSUPPORT is to provide financial support to the needy students for procuring the essential needs for pursuing studies in the college. The system also intends to keep its stake holders close to the institution by harnessing their support for the academic benefit of the campus.

The practice involves mobilisation of funds, identification of beneficiaries and distribution of the support. Funds are mobilised through donations and subscriptions. Donations are sought from the parents of as philanthropy at the time of the admission of their ward as one time donation. No compulsory collection is made from parents. In addition, occasional donations may also come from philanthropists. The steady income to the system is from the Alumni and teachers. The FOSA units of Qatar and Dubai contribute annual subscriptions whereas the teachers sign the takeoff of volunteered amount from their salary to the fund.

The committee invites applications from the students who consider themselves eligible for the support. The applications are processed on the basis of a scoring scheme developed in which the points of scores are arrived at considering the annual income of the students, parents, the attendance of the students, his performance in the examinations and recommendations of advisors of the students.

Student Awards Programme: The Student Awards Programme at Farook College is a flagship initiative designed to support and encourage student excellence across various disciplines. The PTA provides a platform to recognize and reward outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements, fostering a culture of excellence and motivation among students. The ART (Association of Retired teachers) honour the best out going students in UG level and provide meritorious scholarships for PG students. In addition endowment awards are also instituted by various Departments in memory of teachers and students.

Coaching Programme: The Coaching Programme at Farook College is a collaborative initiative by the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) designed to prepare students for various competitive examinations such as the National Eligibility Test (NET), State Eligibility Test (SET), Joint Admission Test for Masters (JAM), and other significant competitive exams. This programme aims to provide comprehensive coaching and support to students, leveraging the expertise of resource persons and the voluntary efforts of college teachers.

Scholarship Cell at Farook College: The Scholarship Cell at Farook College represents a cornerstone of the institution’s commitment to supporting students’ educational aspirations. By providing timely information, assisting with applications, and guiding students through the application procedures, the Scholarship Cell plays a vital role in ensuring that deserving students receive the financial aid they need to pursue their studies. In 2022-23 a total amount of Rs. 2,88,12,871/- received as scholarship.

Workshop and Seminars: To provide insights from experts and professionals, allowing students to explore current trends, showcase research findings, and engage in academic exchange, the college keep conducting workshops, seminars, and annual conferences like EFCS, LIKHA, ICTEP etc. This programme helps students to gain practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities. Through collaboration and networking, students gain valuable connections and guidance for their future careers.

Students Fest: To provide opportunities to students to showcase their artistic abilities, organizational skills, and teamwork capabilities the college keep organising department wise student fests within the college communities. Key features include a wide range of cultural, artistic, and recreational activities such as music, dance, drama, art exhibitions, and literary competitions. Participants from diverse backgrounds unite to celebrate their cultural heritage, promoting inclusivity and cross-cultural understanding. Students actively engage in planning, organizing, and executing fest activities, honing essential organizational, leadership, and event management skills through collaborative efforts among clubs and societies, thereby fostering teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie.

Technology Integration: To foster technology integration in educational settings and prepare students for the digital age, the college leverages the skills of its students in developing various technological tools. One notable initiative is the development of its Administrative and Integrated Management Software, known as FAIMS (Farook Administrative and Integrated Management Software Development), with the assistance of students and teachers from the Computer Science department. Additionally, the college's website hosting and maintenance are carried out through the collaboration of students and teachers specializing in multimedia. These efforts demonstrate the college's commitment to embracing technology and engaging students in real-world applications, thereby enhancing their practical skills and preparing them for the demands of the modern digital landscape.

Civil Service Coaching: To promote Civil Service Preparation College started Farook College PM Institute of Civil Services Examination as a residential centre with a vision of motivating and grooming the young talented graduates for Indian Civil Service Examination in 2002. The institute has undertaken a mission of rigorous coaching with a programme of delivering the curriculum framed for both Civil Service Preliminary and Mains Examination by the UPSC. When we look back at the institute and introspect the way it works for more than one decade, the institute has grown in to a prominent civil service coaching hub in the State. The initiative has materialized a good number of dreams in to reality. The process is on and contributing its share in competitive learning for Civil Service Examination in India. The institute offers scholarships to eligible candidates on the basis of merit-cum-means.


"SPARSH" is a comprehensive initiative by Farook College aimed at providing continuous care and support to terminally ill patients and young children of the community. This program is a joint venture involving teachers, students, and community members, reflecting a collaborative effort to address the needs of both vulnerable patients and parents. By integrating the Pain and Palliative Clinic within the college and setting up a Day Care Centre within the campus, "SPARSH" sets an inspiring example for educational institutions worldwide.

Objectives:The primary objectives of the "SPARSH" program are:

  • To offer compassionate and holistic care to terminally ill patients residing in the surrounding five Grama Panchayaths.
  • To provide a nurturing and secure environment for the children of the college's faculty, staff, research scholars, and students.
  • To create a learning environment for students, enabling them to gain practical experience in healthcare, empathy, and social service.
  • To foster community engagement by encouraging volunteers and contributors from various walks of life to participate in this noble cause.

The Practice:

  • Patient Care: Comprehensive care, including pain management, symptom relief, emotional support, and assistance with daily activities including healthcare professionals, students, teachers, and public volunteers.
  • Childcare Services: Provides on-campus childcare, including nutritious meals, extracurricular activities, and a safe, stimulating environment.
  • SPARSHAM: A Heartwarming Annual Get-Together: "SPARSHAM" is an extraordinary annual event organized by the "SPARSH" program, bringing together patients, children, and the college community for a day of joy and heartfelt interactions. This event fosters a deep connection, emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being and social engagement.

Success Stories:"SPARSH" has witnessed numerous success stories:

  • Patients: Significant relief from pain and improved overall well-being for terminally ill patients. Families have expressed deep gratitude for the emotional and financial support provided, easing their burden during challenging times.
  • Children: Positive development and engagement in extracurricular activities, fostering social skills and creativity. Parents, especially female students and scholars, have achieved greater academic and research success knowing their children are well-cared for.
  • Students: Gained invaluable experiences in empathy, patient care, and community service, shaping them into compassionate and responsible individuals.

Problems Encountered:

  • Financial Sustainability: Ensuring steady funding to maintain operations for both patient care and childcare services.
  • Awareness and Outreach: Enhancing outreach to serve more patients and inform parents about the Day Care Centre.
  • Training and Resources: Continuous training and access to resources are crucial to maintain high standards of care.

"SPARSH" at Farook College exemplifies the power of collaborative care and compassion, addressing the needs of both terminally ill patients and young children. Its unique approach and far-reaching impact make it a beacon of holistic care, setting an inspiring example for other institutions. Despite challenges, the program continues to provide invaluable services, fostering a culture of empathy and community engagement that transforms lives and enriches the educational experience