Parents Teachers Association

Parents Teachers Association

To maintain continued association between the parents and teachers and to promote activities for the well being of the students a Parent Teacher Association is formed. The Association meets at intervals to discuss various problems relating to the general welfare of the students.

The general body of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is met twice in every year; one at the beginning of the academic year and the other at the end.

PTA operates two bus services and financially support co/extra curricular activities of the college ,health centre, and edu-suport.

Programme toppers, NET/JRF holders are given cash prizes by PTA.

Present office bearers

President : Dr. KM Naseer (Principal)

Vice President: Dr. Soman kadaloor

Seceretary : Dr. S.V Abdul Hameed , Dept of Zoology

Joint Seceretary : Sajna P.K

Treasurer : Mr. S.A Bassam

Members (Teachers)

Dr. M Abdul Jabbar, Dept of Hindi

Dr. T Abdul Jabbar, Dept of Econmics

Dr. E.K Sajith, Dept of Arabic

Members (Parents)

Sri. Aboobacker Siddique A

Sri. Zakkeer Hussain

Smt. Rahmath P.K

Smt. Sunitha P