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The Arabic Department has a tradition as old as the College itself. B.A. Arabic was introduced in 1959 and M.A. Arabic in 1967. The department is recognized by Calicut University as a research centre. With professionally trained members on the staff, it provides ample scope for the students to get themselves exposed to translation, communicative and functional Arabic and software packages in Arabic.


Dr Yunoos salim

HOD,Assistant Professor


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Dr Sajith E K

Assistant Professor


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Dr T Abdul Majeed

Assistant Professor


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Dr Muhammed Abid U P

Assistant Professor


– M.A.

– PhD

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Dr M Abdul Jaleel

Assistant Professor


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Dr T P Sageerali

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor


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1 .B A Arabic & Islamic History (Double Main)

Duration 6 semesters. Eligibility a pass (with eligible for higher studies) in the HSE or in any other equivalent examination.

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2 .MA Arabic

Duration 4 years.Eligibility B A / B Sc / B Com.

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3 .PhD


1 .Psychological Interactions of Quranic Literature in Humanistic Manner

A Minor Reaserch Project Psychological Interactions of Quranic Literature in Humanistic Manner



Events & Activities

1 .Presented a paper on Malayalam Literature from the UAE”

Presented a paper entitled “Malayalam Literature from the UAE” at International Seminar jointly organized by the Research Dept. of Arabic, Farook college , Calicut and the Department of Arabic, University of Calicut on 10th, 11th and 12th July 2017.


Sl.No Research Scholar Research Guide Research Topic Date of Awarding
1 P. N. ABDUL AHAD Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED Shi'ah group nand Its influence in Islamic Literature- a Critical Study 01/01/2006
2 MAHMOOD V. M Dr. N. ABDUL JABBAR Social and Political Elements in the novels And Shorts Stories of Toufeeq Al Hakeem 06/01/2006
3 SHEIK MOHAMMED Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED Role of Islamic organisation in the development of Arabic Language And Literature in Kerala 12/05/2006
4 ABDUL HAMEED AYAPPALI KALLUVALAPPIL Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED The Quranic versus dealing with the distribution of wealth- An analytical Study 30/06/2007
5 MUSTHAFA P Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED The contribution of Shaikh Ibn- baz to the development of knowledge and Arabic Literature a Critical Study 23/01/2009
6 KOYA KUTTI T. V Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED The Sacred Ka'ba And Its Influence on Arabic Literature 09/09/2009
7 MUHAMMED. K Dr. N. ABDUL JABBAR Contribution of Sayyid Qutub to the development of Islamic Literature 04/09/2010
8 HAMZA K Dr. Jamaludheen. K Simplification of Arabic Grammer : Methods and Application in grammer curriculum 02/12/2014
9 V. M. MUHAMMED Dr. AHAMMED SYED . P proverbs of Profet : Collection, Classification and Literary Analysis 17/08/2016
10 V. M. ABDUL AZEEZ Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER Contribution of Salah Abdussaboor in the development of Aranic Drama 20/09/2016
11 MUHAMMED POTHANKODAN Dr. Jamaludheen. K Humanistic Elements in the Modern Arabic Literature after 1950 29/11/2016
12 NAJMUDDEEN P. Dr. U. Saidalvi Impact of Globalization on Arabic Journalism with Special Reference to Al-Ahram 06/02/2017
13 ABDUL RAHEEM M. K. Dr. U. Saidalvi Eulogy of Prophet in South Indian Arabic Poetry with Special Reference to Veliyankode Umar Quazi 01/08/2016
14 ABDURAHIMAN CHERUKARA Dr. Jamaludheen. K Indian Culture as Reflected in The Modern Arabic Literature 27/01/2017
15 RASHEED AHAMAD Dr. T.P.M ABDUL RASHEED Literary Excellence of Nahjul Balagka-An Analytical Study 15/03/2018
16 YUNOOS SALIM Dr. AHAMMED SYED . P A Study on Psycological Apporach on Quranic Literature 11/04/2017
17 SAJITH E. K Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER New Trends in palastein resistance poetry with speacial reference to Mahmood Darwish 11/04/2017
18 ALI AKBAR PARAMBADAN Dr. Jamaludheen. K Contribution of the Sayings of Prophet in the Development of Psychology with special Reference to "Al- Sihah Al- Sithath" 11/04/2017
19 MOHAMMED RAFI C Dr. U. Saidalvi Faruqmawasi and his contributions to modern Arabic poetry 17/08/2017
20 SHABEER K Dr. Jamaludheen. K Zakariya Tamir: His role in the development of Fiction in Syria 03/03/2020
21 SAGEERALI T P Dr. N. ABDUL JABBAR Socio Political Views in the Poetry of Abdulla Hasan Al – Bardooni. 07/02/2018
22 ABDUL LATHEEF KOZHIPPARAMBAN Dr. AHAMMED SYED . P The Literary Excellence of Holly Quran in the views of Modern Interpreters with a special reference to Sayyid Quthub and Saeed Hawa 21/02/2018
23 SHAFEEQ RAHMAN P Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER The Parables and Similes of the Holy Quran and its impacts in the Arabic Literature with Special reference to thafseer “Al – Kashaf” 15/03/2018
24 SAFIYYA. T Dr. U. Saidalvi Human Rights – a comparative study in Quran and contemporary world with special focus on women rights 17/08/2017
25 RAFEEQUE M Dr. C.P ABOOBACKER Sarwat Abaza Desouki and the Egyptian village life – a special study of his novels 13/02/2019
26 SABIQUE MK Dr. Jamaludheen. K Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran 21/02/2018
27 HASEENA BEEGUM THATTARASSERY Dr. U. Saidalvi The influence of gulf countries on Arabic learning in Kerala with special reference to Malabar 31/01/2020
28 JUBAILIYA P Dr. Jamaludheen. K Darul Uloom Nadwathul Ulama and its contributions to the Dev. of Aarbic Literature. 31/01/2020
29 P AYMAN SHOUQI Dr. Jamaludheen. K Contribution of A’yid Al Qarni to Arabic Literature 18/08/2020
30 KHALID CT Dr. C. Saidalavi Social Reality in the works of Hanna Mina- An Analytical Study 13/02/2019
31 ABDUL RAZAQUE.P Dr. C. Saidalavi Social Depiction in the Novels of IHSAN Abdul Quddus (An Analytical Study of his Works) 27/10/2020
32 MOIDEENKUTTY MADATHIL Dr. C. Saidalavi Pedagogical Approaches and Strategies in the Quran and the Hadeeth- an Analytical Study 11/07/2019