Digital Hub

In the quest of improving education system, technology has played the most vital role in automating tasks which are time-consuming and monotonous. Software can be used for all the academic and administrative processes like admission, examination, attendance, fee collection, etc. in an educational institution. Evaluation and perception of institutions by Government or public agencies and general public are to be improved for grabbing higher demand, value and ranking. State of the art ERP solutions tailored to fit the institution open up new vistas to connect, collaborate and communicate with the stake holders and public. A dedicated and resourceful team of high competency with necessary facilities can provide such a digital state in a fast growing institution. A Digital Hub catering to all the technological needs of the institution has been envisaged. This Digital Hub is expected to ensure quality of solutions, continuity of implementation, higher levels of confidentiality, and greater cost-effectiveness.


Dr. V. Kabeer

Assistant Professor , Department of Computer Science

Ph : 9447444813