Daycare Centre

Daycare Centre

Farook College Day Care Centre is established in 2013 to provide the teachers, officers, non-teaching staff, research scholars and regular full-time students of the College (and the premises) the facility of keeping their children under good care during the day time right inside the campus, to work with peace of mind and access their children quickly in case of emergency. Apart from taking good care of the enrolled children, one of the key objectives of the Centre is to involve the children in various extracurricular activities. The working time of the Centre is from 9 am to 5 pm on all working days except Saturday (9 to 3 pm).

Facilities at the Day Care Centre
  • A newly renovated and fully furnished building with two rooms, one dining space, one kitchen and two toilets.
  • A small play area for children in front of the Centre.
  • Furniture and accessories including toys and all other necessary items.
  • A centre director along with care takers.


Dr. K Rizwana Sulthana