Department of English

Erudite Lecture Series Explores the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Ideology in Films

Reported on: 2023-11-29

Forum for Research in English, Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in English Language and Literature, Department of English, Farook College (Autonomous), Kozhikode, conducted a lecture as part of the Erudite Lecture Series on November 29, 2023. Dr. Anu Pappachan, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Vimala College, Trissur, delivered the lecture on “Analyzing Films: Art, Technology, and Ideology.” Dr. Hashmina Habeeb, Coordinator of the Research Forum and Assistant Professor of the Department of English at Farook College, welcomed the gathering. Dr. K. Rizwana Sultana, the Head of the Department of English, presided over the session, and the session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Sahira, Research Scholar, Department of English, Farook College.

The lecture by Dr. Anu Pappachan focused on the relevance of art, technology and ideology in the creation and understanding of films. She deliberated on how viewers are diverted to a monotonous analysis of films, focusing ideological dominance over other aspects. She discussed the various aspects of cinema, narrating the evolution of Malayalam films. The lecture was followed by a very interactive Q&A session where the participants expressed their thoughts. The session was attended by the faculty, research scholars, and students of Farook College as well as other colleges.