Advisory Scheme

The students of the college are divided at the beginning of the year into groups depending on the strength of the class. Each group is placed under the personal care of a teacher designated Advisor. The groups will meet formally at regular intervals. They will meet informally in small numbers as often as possible. The Advisors will discuss with the group under their care, the general and individual problems and difficulty of students when they formally meet. The Advisors will exercise strict disciplinary control over their wards. They will closely watch their conduct and progress and maintain continuous contact with the parents as well as the ward. The Director of Advisory Scheme is responsible for the implementation of student welfare schemes at the college. In addition to this, the newly introduced mentoring system will consider the needs of individual students and guide them.

Mr. P Muhammed Rasheed,
Assistant professor and HOD,
Department of Economics,

Class Semester Advisor
BA Economics I & II M.T. Shihabudheen
BA Economics III & IV I. Sahadudheen
BA Economics V & VI Dr. P. Yazir
MA Economics I & II Dr. C. Mohammed Kasim
MA Economics III & IV Lt. Dr. A.T. Abdul Jabbar
BA English I & II Dr. T. Mufeeda
BA English III & IV E.K. Muhamed Ali
BA English V & VI Dr. Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi
MA English I & II Dr. K. Rizwana Sultana
MA English III & IV Dr. Aysha Swapna K.A.
BA Arabic I & II Dr. M. Abdul Jaleel
BA Arabic III & IV Sayed Habeebu Rahman KP
BA Arabic V & VI Dr. T.P. Sageerali
MA Arabic I & II Dr. K.P. Abbas
MA Arabic III & IV Dr. Yunoos Salim
BA Malayalam I & II Dr. Lakshmi Pradeep
BA Malayalam III & IV T. Mansoorali
BA Malayalam V & VI Dr. V. Hikmathulla
BA Sociology. I & II P. Badhariyya Beegum
BA Sociology III & IV M. Shilujas. M.
BA Sociology V & VI Mohamed Musthafa K.T.
B.Sc. Maths I & II Dr. T. Shefeeque
B.Sc. Maths III & IV P. Jamsheena
B.Sc. Maths V & VI Mohamed Nishad Maniparambath
M.Sc. Maths I & II Mohamed Saleem Kunnath
M.Sc. Maths III & IV Mohamed Saleem Kunnath
B.Sc. Physics I & II Dr. Yoosuf Ameen M
B.Sc. Physics III & IV Midhun Shah
B.Sc. Physics V & VI P.K. Anas Swalih
M.Sc. Physics I & II Dr. N.K. Sulfikkarali
M.Sc. Physics III & IV P.N. Naseef Mohammed
B.Sc. Chemistry I & II Dr. P.K. Sajith
B.Sc. Chemistry III & IV Sumayya K
B.Sc. Chemistry V &VI Mohammad Ziyad P.A.
M.Sc. Chemistry I & II Dr. Kvitha A.P.
M.Sc. Chemistry III & IV Dr. Kvitha A.P.
B.Sc. Botany I & II Dr. Adnaan Farook V
B.Sc. Botany III & IV Naseeha C.P.
B.Sc. Botany V & VI Dr. Kishore Kumar K
B.Sc. Zoology I & II V.C. Shabna
B.Sc. Zoology III & IV Dr. H. Habeebrehman
B.Sc. Zoology V & VI Dr. A.P. Rashiba
M.Sc. Zoology I & II Dr. S.V. Abdul Hameed
M.Sc. Zoology III & IV T.P. Shabana
B.Sc. Statistics I & II Dr. Nazeema Beevi T.
B.Sc. Statistics III & IV Saleena A.J.
B.Sc. Statistics V & VI Dr. Abdul Rasheed K.V.
M.Sc. Statistics I & II Dr. Haritha. N. Haridas
M.Sc. Statistics III & IV R.M. Juvairiyya
B.Sc. Computer Science I & II K. Afsal
B.Sc. Computer Science III & IV S. Bodhy Krishna
B.Sc. Computer Science V & VI Rasiya Anwar
M.Sc. Computer Science I & II Dr. Abdul Haleem P.P.
M.Sc. Computer Science III & IV V.V. Sameer
B.Com. I & II Dr. Lt. P. Abdul Azeez
B.Com. III & IV Dr. K. Samsudheen
B.Com. V & VI Shameem P.K.
B.B.A I & II Dr. R. Rashmi
B.B.A III & IV Dr. T. Mohamed Nishad
B.B.A V & VI Dr. V.P. Jamshid
M.Com. I & II Hamamali E.K.
M.Com. III & IV Dr. Milinth P.
MA History I & II Dr. M.R. Manmathan
MA History III & IV Dr. T. Muhammedali
Lib. & Inf. Sc. B.L.I.Sc. I & II Shabna T.P.
M.L.I.Sc. I & II Shabna T.P.
Multimedia I & II T.P. Musammil
Multimedia III & IV Arun V. Krishna
Multimedia V & VI P.S. Vimal
B.Com (CA) I & II K. Jishi
B.Com (CA) III & IV Arun Kumar P
B.Com (CA) V & VI K. Sajitha
BA Func. English I & II V.J. Joseph
BA Func. English III & IV Anusha Raj
BA Func. English V & VI Abdul Jamsheer T.K.
B.Sc. Psych. I & II Shereen V
B.Sc. Psych. III & IV Riswana Khader P.K.
B.Sc. Psych. V & VI Anaswara Padmanabhan
M.Sc.Psych. I & II Ameela Anjum P.T.
M.Sc. Psych. III & IV Dr. Jomon Joy
MA Journalism I & II K.P. Mohamed Musthafa
Mass Commn. III & IV Marar Sumeeth Sudarshan