Board of Studies

Board of Studies is constituted to prepare curriculum, recommend books, suggest methodologies for teaching and evaluation, forward panel of examiners and to coordinate all academic activities in the department.The board of studies consists of the Head of the Department, Six teachers from different areas of specialisation, two experts from outside,one expert nominated by the Vice-Chancellor,one representative each from industry, corporate sector or allied area, one meritorious alumnus and experts from the college and outside as special invitees.

English & Functional English: Dr. Sajitha M.A.
Arabic: Dr. K. AliNoufal.
Modern Indian Languages(Malayalam/Hindi/Urdu): Dr. P. Abdul Azeez.
History & Islamic History: Dr. T. Muhammedali.
Sociology & Physical Education: Badhariya Beegum P.
Economics: P. Muhammed Rasheed.
Media, Library and InformationScience: Dr. Lakshmi Pradeep.
Mathematics: Mr. Muhammed Saleem Kunnath.
Physics: Midhun Shah.
Chemistry: Dr. A.P.Kavitha.
Life Science (Botany & Zoology): Dr.Abdul Hameed S V.
Computer Science: Dr. V.Kabeer.
Statistics: Dr. SD KrishnaRani.
Commerce & Management Studies: Dr. J.A.Naushad.
Psychology: Dr. Nisha K.