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<p><img alt="" src="" style="height:100%; width:100%" /></p> <p>Initiated along with the inception of the college, the department has been running both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is a recognized research centre under the Calicut University and has been functioning as the centre for advanced research in language and literature. The faculty has been renowned for its activities in the area of comparative literature and linguistics.</p>


Dr K Rizwana Sultana

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– M.A. English

– B.Ed.

– PhD in English

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Dr. K.A. Aysha Swapna

Associate Professor

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– M. A. English Language and Literature

– B.Ed in English

– PhD in English

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Dr. Habeeb C.

Assistant Professor

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– M.A. English

– Ph.D.

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Dr Mufeeda T

Assistant Professor

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– M.A. English

– Ph.D

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Dr Hashmina Habeeb

Assistant Professor


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Dr Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi

Assistant Professor

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– M.A. English Language & Literature

– M.Phil in English

– PhD in English

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C H Abdul Shafeek

Assistant Professor


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Dr. E K Muhamed Ali

Assistant Professor

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– M.A.

– B.Ed.

– M.Phil

– PhD

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C. P. Abdul Sathar

Assistant Professor


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Dr Ubaid VPC

Assistant Professor

[email protected]



– MA

– MPhil

– B. Ed

– PhD

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Dilara M

Assistant Professor


– M.A. English Language and Literature

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This is a hi-tech facility for focused improvement of communication capabilities. The inter-active multimedia set up can cater to regular students and outsiders. The institute is furnished with 30 computer systems and other infrastructural facilities. 


The department has a well-equipped research room with computers and wi-fi connection to cater to the needs of the research scholars. It is also a platform for academic deliberations.  


The department has a well-furnished library with over 1500 books. The library also has a reference section carrying Ph. D theses of the research scholars of the centre, dissertations, projects and a number of journals and magazines. The library is enriched by the contributions from a number of well-wishers that include retired teachers, alumni, staff, scholars and students. 




Title of the Project

Funding agency

Date of joining and progress


Dr. T.V.Prakash

Methodology for Folkloristics: A unique translation of Dr. Raghavan Payyanad’s  book based on Theyyam






Dr. Habeeb C

Collection Classification and Publishing of the Articles and Creative Writing of the Visually Impaired


(2nd Phase)




Dr. Sajitha M.A.

PEP (Proficiency Enhancement Programme)






Abdul Shafeek C.H

SMS(Specialised Methodology Scheme)


(3rd Phase)




Dr. E.K. Muhammed Ali

SET (Social Endearment Through Translation)


(3rd Phase)




Abdul Sathar C.P

SPELL(Specialised Programme in English Language learning)





Abdul Shafeek C.H

Five Day Workshop for Teachers on The Foundations of Philosophy and Literary Theory





Dr. Habeeb C

Workshop on Communicative Skills for the Visually






Dr. Ubaid V.P.C

Publication of an Anthology of Translated Poems on

Prophet Mohammed – (Pbuh)





1 .Dr Sajitha M.A

Chairperson, Board of Studies in English and Functional English, Farook College

Member, Board of Studies in English, University of Calicut ( Since February 2020 )

Member , ELTAI (English Language Teacher’s Association of India)

2 .Dr Habeeb C

Board of Studies in Functional English, University of Calicut ( Since February 2020)

3 .Dr.Aysha Swapna K

UG English Academic Committee member of SN Open University.

ELTAI Life time member.

Alumni Facilitator, Iowa State University.

Community Lead, Open AE Program.

4 .Dr. Zeenath Muhammed Kunhi

ELTAI – English Language Teachers’ Association of India


1 .Achievements

The department has secured five star status in the 21 day ASAP programme funded by Higher Education, government of Kerala.

Events & Activities


  1. UGC sponsored National seminar on Literatures of the Marginalized: Theory, Issues and Relevance 2009-2010
  2. One Day Seminar for Research Scholars( Celebration of 40 th Anniversary of Research Centre) Sponsored by the Management of our college 2010-2011
  3. UGC sponsored National seminar on Politics of Representation of ‘the self’ and ‘the other’ in Literature and Film. 2011-2012
  4. UGC sponsored National seminar on Literature of the Visually Challenged( CPE Fund) 2012-2013
  5. International Seminar on Modern Trends in Literary Research (sponsored by the members of the Department) 2015-2016
  6. International Poetry Writing Contest commemorating William Shakespeare’s 400th Death Anniversary 2015-2016
  7. Shakespeare Fiesta  2017-18
  8.  One day International Workshop on Poetry and Fiction(sponsored by UGC autonomous fund)  was conducted 2017 -18
  9. International Colloquium on Literature Art and Culture in the Digital age 2018-2019
  10. One day Workshop on “Subjectivity and Literary Research” 2019-2020
  11. Workshop on English Language Teaching 2019-20
  12. Three-Day International Webinar on 5Ts "Translation Theory, Tools, Techniques and Tactics" in association with The Department of Linguistics, University of Kerala, India in association with the Department of Translation, Faculty of Languages, University of Sana'a, Yemen on 23rd, 24th, and 25th November, 2020.
  13. Singularities International Online Conference on Liberty (SICON-21) was held on 19-21 January 2021.
  14. Talk Series on Literature, a new initiative of the department of English.  The first E-Talk was on “Reading Literature through the Spectrum of Nomadic Theory” by Dr Priya K. Nair, Research Officer, Kerala State Higher Education Council & Assistant Professor of English, St. Teresa’s College, Ernankulam. The webinar was conducted at 10 a.m on 13 June 2020.
  15. E Talk, on the topic “Between Bios and Technos: Pandemic and the Remaking of the Human Agency in the New World Order” was conducted in the Google Meet Platform on 4 July 2020.

1 .Dr.Sajitha M A

Book Authored

  1. The Return of the Native: Challenges and Prospects, Authors Press, 2016. ISBN 978-93-5207-390-0

Book edited

  1. Pastiche: An Anthology of Research Papers in English, Centre for Advanced Studies and Research In English Language and Literature, 2018. ISBN 978-81-926652-3-8
  2.  Translated the short story “Upright Revolution” of the Kenyan writer, Ngugi waThiongo into Malayalam in, a pan African writer’s collective.ISSN 2413-0524

Papers Published:

  1. “Oral Communication Through Media: Revival of Radio”Assonance, the Department of Russian and Comparative Literary Studies, Department of Russian and Comparative Literature, University of Calicut in November 2008, No:12. P.91-97

  2. “Decolonising the Masters Language”,  New Perspectives on Postcolonial Literatures. ed. Denny Joseph, Manjula Publications, 2012. (ISBN: 9789350870323)
  3. “Front office Management course” Assonance, Journal of Russian and Comparative Literary Studies, Department of Russian and Comparative Literature ,No:13, December 2009, University of Calicut.
  4. “The Language of the Oppressed: The Altered Language of Prospero” International Journal of Multicultural Literature July Vol.1, Issue:1 July 2011 P.145-152(ISSN2231-6248) (international)
  5. “The Silent Violent Voice of George Lamming in Water With Berries”International Journal of Multicultural Literature.(July Vol.3, Issue 3, July 2012).P.54-60(ISSN2231-6248)

  1. “Hybridity and Between-ity in The River Between”,Versos and Rectos: Translation and Recreation Across Borders  and Cultures ed. Dr. Lata Marina Varghese , Post Graduate Department of Catholicate College,  Pathanamthitta. (2010) P.120-125 (ISBN978-81-921377-0-4)

  2.  “Assessment of the Oral Skills in Schools and Colleges” Proceedings of the International Conference on English Language Teaching and Technology.ed. Premanand. Malabar Christian College, Calicut.(2013) e-book. (ISBN 978-81-920171-6-7)
  3.  “English Language Assessment: Theory and Practice” International Journal of English Language, Literature &Humanities  Volume I  Issue IV  2013  December , 2013 (ISSN 2321-7065)

  4.  (Co-author)“The Rise of Women From Behind The Veil: A Study of the Historical Novel The Feast of Roses by InduSundaresan”Research Scholar An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary ExplorationsVol 2 Issue I 2014 ISSN 2320 – 6101

  5.  (Co-author)“ “Novel of History or Novel as History: A Study of Select Historical Novels In India”International Multidisciplinary Research JournalGolden Research Thoughts Volume-3  Issue-11  May-2014 ISSN 2231-5063 Impact Factor : 2.2052(UIF) (Available online at

  6. “Listening: A Neglected Skill”. The International Research Specialist Issue 6 2015 April June 2015 P.84- 89 Issn 2350-1499( Online) 2350-0751(Print)
  7.  “ Assessment of the Oral Skills in Schools and Colleges”. New Technology Trends in Classrooms. Ed.Prof. Vineetha Sophia Gabriel. Poorna Publications, July 2015.( ISBN: 978-81-300-1695-57207(7-2015)168. I.o.a.

  8.  (Co-author)“ “Women Critics and Malayalam Literary Criticism: A Brief History of Literary Marginalisation”. Literary Quest:An International, Peer-Reviewed, Open Access, Monthly, Online Journal of English Language and Literature .  Vol. 2 Issue 5 October 2015 ISSN 2349-5650

  9. (Co-author) “Anguish and Revolt as the Basic Rasas of Dalit Writing: A Comparative Study of the Select Short Stories ofBandhumadhav and AvinashDolas”.International Indexed & Refereed Research Journal, ISSN-0975-3486, (Print), E- ISSN-2320-5482, Sept-Oct, 2014, (Combined) VOL- VI – ISSUE-60-61 ( international)

  10. “The Neocolonial Power in the Good Lie”. Singularities: A Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal. Vol. 3 Issue 1 January 2016“The Neocolonial Power in the Good Lie”. Singularities: A Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal. Vol. 3 Issue 1 January 2016 P. 206-12 (ISSN2348-3369) “Autonomous Existence: Female Body as an Embodiment of Power”. Women: Privacy, Profession, Position State Vanitha Committee, AKPCTA, March 2019. 978-81-927201-6-6 (Co-author)“ “Crossdressing as a Liberative Disguise: The Motif of the Masculine Mask in Aphra Behn’sThe Rover Or The Banished Cavaliers NEW ACADEMIA: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory,Vol. VIII, Issue II, April 2019, U.G.C. Journal No. 44829Online ISSN 2347-2073 P. 206-12 (ISSN2348-3369)

  11. “Autonomous Existence: Female Body as an Embodiment of Power”. Women: Privacy, Profession, Position State Vanitha Committee, AKPCTA, March 2019. 978-81-927201-6-6
  12. (Co-author)“ “Crossdressing as a Liberative Disguise: The Motif of the Masculine Mask in Aphra Behn’sThe Rover Or The Banished Cavaliers NEW ACADEMIA: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory,Vol. VIII, Issue II, April 2019, U.G.C. Journal No. 44829Online ISSN 2347-2073 

2 .Dr Aysha Swapna K. A

1. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, Representations of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Milan Kundera’s ‘TheZert’. Versos and Rectos – Translation and Re-creation Across Boarders and Culture, Post Graduate Department of English, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Sept 2010, Page Nos. 145-151, ISBN 978-81-921377-0-4

2. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Prospects Awaiting Higher Education. Academie, UGC Academic Staff College, Himachal Pradesh University, Vol. XIII, No.1, Page Nos. 78 -80, January, 2011, ISSN 2229-6581.

3. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, Muted Voices Among Brutal Forces: Representation of Women in Shirin Ebadi’s ‘Iran Awakening : A Memoir of Revolution and Hope , Changing Worlds Reviewing and Reinventing Literature and Culture, Post Graduate Department of English, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Jan 2012, Page Nos. 276-285,ISBN 978-81-920711-0-7

4. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, Eugenics and Covert Racism Uncovered in Caryl Phillip’s ‘The Final Passage’, New Literatures : Themes, Perspectives & Recent Trends ,Post Graduate Department of English and Research Centre, Government  Brennen College, Thalassery, August 2012, p 74-81 , ISBN 978-81-926753-0-5.

5. Rajna C. V,  Swapna, K. A. Aysha, The Politics of Proselytism and Overcoming Laws of Patriarchy: A Study of Bama and Dayabai, The Resilient Indian Women: Pre and Post Empowerment, Centre for Women’s Studies, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Feb 2013

6. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, “Dissenting Voice of Shirin Ebadi: Representation of Democracy inIran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope”, The Criterion: An International Journal in English, August 2013, Vol. IV, Issue. IV, p 1-5, ISSN 0976-8165,

7. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, “Caricatures of Afghani Ethnic Divide and Migrations in Marc Forster’s ’The Kite Runner’, Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, , November 2014, Vol. III, Issue. VI, p 005-009, ISSN 2278-9529

8. Swapna, K. A. Aysha, Opaque Comic Mischief and the Rhetorical Situation in Milan Kundera’s The Zert (The Joke), Humour: Texts, Contexts, Ed. P. P. Ajayakumar et al., Creative Books, New Delhi, 2015, Page nos. 353-360, ISBN: 978-81-8043-117-3.

9. Swapna K. A, Aysha. “ Calpurnia’s Lament”. Shakespeare Sings: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems, Publication division, Farook College, February, 2017, p 25. ISBN: 978-81-927530-8-9.

10. Swapna K. A, Aysha. Depiction of Ethnic Tension and Descrimination in Marc Forster’s  The Kite Runner (2007), Ecologies of the New: Matter, Mind & Body, Vol I,2017, Page nos. 353-360, ISBN: 978-93–528188–8-4.

11. Swapna, Aysha K. A, Muhammed Asha. “Tourism as a Neo-colonial Structure in Jamaica Kincaid’s ‘A Small Place’. “ Pastiche: An Anthology of Research Papers in English, Centre for Advanced Studies and Research In English Language and Literature, 2018, ISBN: 978-81-926652-3-8.

12. Swapna, Aysha K. A. “Conflicting Notions of Entangled Lives: Questions on Spatial Identity in Transcultural Borderlands”. International Research Journal of  Multidisciplinary Studies IRJMS, Vol.4, Issue 1, January, 2018, p 1-5. ISSN: 2454-8499, ,

13. Swapna, Aysha K. A. “Beautiful Black: Counter Rhetoric of Shame and Anger.”  Veda’s Journal of English Language and Literature JOELL, Vol.5, No.1, 2018, pp.189-194. ISSN: 2349-9753,,

14. Swapna, Aysha K. A. “Surmounting Patriarchy of Proselytism in Dayabhai’sPachaviral” International Journal of English Language and Literature in Humanities, IJELLH, Vol.6, No. 8, August 2018, ISSN 2321-7065.

3 .Dr Mufeeda T

Articles in Journals.

1. Mufeeda T and Sajid A Latheef  “Pairing Of The Same Sex In Literature: Gizmo To Liberate The Unconscious” The Philosopher, SreeSankaracharya University, Tirur, India, January-June 2015 Vol:1No:3, pg:42-48, ISSN2319-8311

2. Mufeeda T. “Redefining Virginity: The Politics of Representation of Rape Victims in Cinema” The Quest: International Multi-disciplinary Research Journal. Vol-vi, issue-iv, June 2017. ISSN- 2278-4497.

3. Mufeeda T. “Demystifying the Sensual: A study of select Poems of Oscar Wilde” Singularities:International Trans-disciplinary Biannual Research Journal, vol-5, issue-1, January 2018. ISSN- 2348-3369.

4. Mufeeda T. “Same-sex pairing in Literature as a Public Encoding of the Private” IJELL (International Journal of English Language and Literature in Humanities). Vol. 6, Issue 9, September 2018. ISSN-  2321-7065

5. Mufeeda T. “Imaging the Sexual Innuendos: A Study of Amrita Patil’s Kari” Dialog, A Biannual Peer Reviewed Journal. Issue: 36 Autumn 2020. ISSN 0975-4881


Chapters in Books/Proceedings

1. Mufeeda T. “Politics of Representation: Portrayal of the Exotic Other in KaathalKondein”, The Politics of Representation of the Self and the Other in Literature and Film:Pedagogy Beyond the Text, Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in English Language and Literature, Farook college, Calicut, 2012, vol 1, pg. 166, ISBN 978-81-926652-1-4

2. Mufeeda T. “Unveiling The Implicit Mystery In Chaplin’s Attempt To Blend Comedy And Pathos: A Study Of The Modern Times” Houmour Texts, Contexts, Creative Books, New Delhi, 2015, pg- 210. ISBN:978-81-8043-117-3.

3. Mufeeda T. “Queering the Gothic: An Exploration of Victorian Homophobia in ‘The Canterville Ghost’” Writing Gothic: An Anthology of Critical Essays. Publication Division, MES Mampad College, March 2017. ISBN- 978-81-926873-2-2.

4. Mufeeda T. “From page to Screen: Appropriation of Hamlet’s Procrastination on the Screen” Ecologies of the New: Matter Mind and Body- An Anthology of Research Papers. Vol 1, Publication Division MES Mampad College, ISBN- 978-93-528188-8-4.

5. Mufeeda T. “Homosexual Innuendos in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Remarkable Rocket’” Pastiche: An Anthology of Research Papers in English. Center for Advanced Language and Literatures in English, Farook College, 2018. ISBN- 978-81-926652-3-8

6. Mufeeda T. “JosteinGaarder’s Sophie’s World: A Deliberation on Philosophy. Second Thoughts: An Anthology of Thoughts, Dreams and Memoirs. Publication Division DGM MES Mampad College, 2020. ISBN: 978-81-935049-3-2



1. Translated the chapter “God’s Reply” in Still I Soar by Abdulla Kattunkandy, Naduvilakam Books, Kozhikode, 2019 



1. Mufeeda T. (Ed), I v/s Eye: An Anthology of the Visually Impaired, Department of English, Farook college, Calicut, 2014.   ISBN : 978-81-926652-2-1.

4 .Dr. Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi

Papers in Journals/Proceedings

1. Subversive Language Vs Patriarchy and Colonization: An Analysis of The God of Small Things, Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies, N. D. R. Chandra, Vol 2, Jan - June (Summer) 2010 (ISSN 0974 - 7192). 

2. Baby Bush Go Home: A Dialogue on Bush’s Monologic Principles, Indian Writing in English: Critical Perspectives, Dr. Vishwanath Bite and Dr. Aravind Nawale, Aavishkar Publications, 2011 (ISBN: 9788179103449). 

3. Arundhati Roy as an Ecofeminist, The Discourse – A Bilingual Refereed Quarterly Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 1, Issue 2 (July/Sept 2012), PP. 74 – 86 (ISSN 2278 - 0920). 

4. The Dialectics of Being and Belonging: An Analysis of Ampat Koshy’s Poems, Singularities: A  Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal, Ed. Dr. E. Babu, 2013, ISSN 2348 – 3369. 

5. Life is such Stuff a Dreams are Made on: An Interpretation of Strindberg’s The Dream Play, European Academic Research, Vol 2, Issue 6 (September, 2014), PP.7861 – 7873 (ISSN 2286 - 4822). 

6. From Behind the Veil to Behind the Wheel:Wadjda, International Journal of Advanced Research, Vol. 4, Issue 2 (June 2014), PP. 87 – 92 (ISSN 2278 -7275). 

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8. Interview with Arundhati Roy: A Voice for the Voiceless, Das Literarisch, Ed. S. M. Yahiya Ibrahim, Vol 1, Issue 1, June 2015, PP. 77 – 80, ISSN: 2454 -4647. 

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10. Power of the Carnivalesque : An Analysis of Arundhati Roy's Select Writings on Neo-imperialism, Singularities: A  Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal. Ed. Dr. E.Babu, Vol. 3, July 2016. ISSN No: 2348 – 3369 

11. “An Ecocritical Perspective of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things” (Co-authored by Rukhaya M.K.)  SageApril-June 2017 DOI: 10.1177/2158244017712767 

12. “Male Spirits vs. Female Monsters: Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes in Malayalam Horror Movies.” Writing Gothic: An Anthology of Critical Essays published by the Publication Division - MES Mampad College. ISBN-978-81-926873-2-2 

13.“Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things: A Carnival Square.” Pastiche. Published by Centre for Research and Advanced Studies, Department of English, Farook College. 978-81-926652-3-8 

14.“Introduction.” Whispers of the Flow by Saleem Thekkan. Lipi Publications, Kozhikode. 2018 978-81-8802-366-0 

15“Beyond Race and Colour: The Cementing of a Beautiful Bond.”Phenomenal Leader: Musings on the Prophet. Xpress Publishing, 2020 .ISBN:978-1-64951-277-2


Published Poems  in Anthologies and Journals

1 “Alzheimer’s” & “Breathless” in The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam. Ed.BrianWrixon and John Hirst & Poets with Voices Strong. Ontario: Burlington, 2012. ISBN978-0-9879822-8-

2 “Carpe diem.” Puppet on a String. UK: Destinytowrite Publications, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4716-3499-4. 

3. “Words.” Sticks and Stones. UK: Destinytowrite Publications, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4710-8380-8 

4. Haiku Collection in Poets International .Ed. Mohammed Fakhruddin.April, 2012. Pp 25-26 

5.“Monolithic Men.” Earth-Water-Sky. Ed.BrianWrixon and Poets with Voices Strong. Ontario: BWrixon Books, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9880958-3-0


1. BETWEEN BIOS AND ZOE AND A SUFI ALTERNATIVE: A BIOPOLITICAL READING OF MAJID MAJIDI’S BARAN International Journal of Advanced Research,  June 2014, pp 40-44,
ISSN 2278-7275

6 .Dr. UBAID.V.P.C

Book Edited

1.Pakal ThanneRathry Varum Vare- EnglishilePravajakaKavithakal (Translation of English Poems on Prophet Muhammed), Publication Division, Farook College, June 2020. ISBN: 978-81-935852-1-4

Research Paper Published

1. ‘An Evaluation of Theories of Translation’, KTLYST- A Peer-Reviewed Multi Lingual Literary and Cultural Research Journal, KTM College of Advanced Studies, Karuvarakundu, 20-November-2019 (ISSN : 2582-4163) 

2.“Assessing the Translational Distinctions of Waleed Bleyhesh al Amri’s The Luminous Qur’ān: Shift from Translation towards Adaptation” Aligarh Journal Of Quranic Studies, Volume 2, Issue 2, October 2019 (ISSN: 2582-0796) 

3. The paper titled ‘Others’ in the Qur’ān: Exegesis of ‘A Word Common’ has been accepted to publish in an Edited volume will be published jointly by K. A. Nizami Centre for Qur’anic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and Ahsan Academy, South Africa. (Acceptance Date: September 3, 2020)


1. Normalizing in Third Dimensions- Analysis of Power and Gender in Bahubali: The Beginning, March 2016, Kottayam, Scholars Associations of Kerala, Vol.6 No. 1, Research Scholar, ISSN 2249-6696 

2. Memories Ablaze: A Study on the Play of Colours in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things, September 2016 ,Vol. 2 Issue 2, GEORG International Quarterly Online Journal, ISSN 2454-5511 

3. The Moons of Uranus, February 2017, Farook College, Publications Division, First Edition, Shakespeare Sings, ISBN 978-81-927530-8-9 

4. Blogging…A Study on Blogs in connection with Malayalam Language and Literature, May 2017

WMO Arts and Science College, Media Activism and Advertising, ISBN 978-93-5258-412-3 

5. He Still Wields the Spectre- Gender Representation in Select Malayalam Movies, June 2017

Kottayam, Scholars Associations of Kerala, Vol.7 No.2, Research Scholar, ISSN 2249-6696 

6 Disnefying Her Looks- Analysing the Concept of Beauty, Femininity and Heroism Presented in Moana, June 2017, Vol.3 Issue 1, Literary Herald- International Refereed English e-Journal, ISSN 2454-3365 

7. She is the Afghan Woman- Problematizing the Status of Women in The Kite Runner, June 2017

Vol. 6 Issue 4, Quest International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, ISSN 2278-4497 

8. Analysing the Themes of Feminine Sensibility and Rebellion in the Poetry of Kamala Das and Sylvia Plath, July 2017, Vol.8 Issue 3(8), Researcher’s World- Journal of Arts, Science and Commerce, ISSN 2231-4172