Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology organized an invited lecture on Media and Society

Reported on: 2024-02-15

The Department of Sociology at Farook College (Autonomous) organized an invited lecture on Media and Society as part of the RUSA-sponsored Capacity Building Programme on February 15, 2024, at the Department of Sociology, Farook College.

The event began with a welcome speech by Adeeba, a 6th-semester sociology student. Dr. Mohamed Musthafa KT, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, presided over the session. Muhammed Shamsheer, a reporter from Media One, was the speaker of the session, and he focused on the role of media in a democratic society with reference to the contemporary scenario. Dr. Badhariya Beegum (HOD, Department of Sociology), Afrash Asharaf (Secretary, Sociology Association), and Washmiya Dilshad (Class Representative, 3rd year) delivered felicitations for the programme. Students had a fruitful interaction with the speaker on the present scenario of media and democracy. Fasna, a 6th-semester sociology student, delivered the vote of thanks.