Department of Sociology

Sociology Department's Inspiring Academic Visit to Nilgiri Arts and Science College

Reported on: 2023-10-11

On October 11, 2023, the Department of Sociology at Farook College (Autonomous) conducted an academic visit to Nilgiri Arts and Science College in Thaloor, Tamil Nadu, with Dr. P. Badhariya Beegum, HoD of the Department of Sociology, and Dr. KT Mohammed Musthafa accompanying and guiding the visit. Students experienced the college's academic ambience and had the opportunity to explore the excellent facilities provided.

The highlight of the visit was an interaction with Mr. Rashid Gazzali, the Corporate Consultant, Educationist, Life Coach, and Managing Director of the college, who shared valuable insights on education and personal development.

This visit, with the guidance of Dr. Beegum and Dr. Musthafa, left a significant impact on the students, inspiring them to approach their education with a broader perspective and a focus on personal growth, making it a valuable and enlightening experience.