Department of Sociology

2 Day Workshop on Writing Research Articles

Reported on: 2023-10-10

The Department of Sociology organized a two-day workshop on academic writing on October 10, 2023. Dr.P. Badhariya Beegum, the head of the department, presided over the function. Dr. Mohammed Musthafa K.T. felicitated the event.

Art of Writing Research Articles

The workshop focused on enhancing participants' skills in academic writing. Dr. Mohammed Kasim C., Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, handled the first session. He shared valuable insights, techniques, and guidelines for producing high-quality academic papers. Dr. Mohammed Kasim C.'s expertise and experience in the field of research and academic writing proved invaluable to the participants.

The session continued from 1 pm to 3 pm, providing ample time for participants to absorb the knowledge and engage in discussions and practical exercises. At the end of the day's proceedings, Rasha V. delivered vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the speakers and participants for their active involvement in the workshop.

Scholarly Writing with Mendeley Software.

The second day of the workshop began at 9 a.m. with a welcoming address by Hasna Nasrin, held at the AVT hall. Dr. Yazir P., Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Farook College, was the resource person. Dr. Yazir P, an expert in the field, introduced the participants to scholarly writing techniques, with a special focus on using the Mendeley software as a valuable tool for managing references and citations.

Dr. Yazir P's insights into efficient referencing and citation practices were particularly beneficial for academic writers. The programme reached its conclusion at 12 p.m., with Adithya PS, the student coordinator of the event, delivering a vote of thanks.