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TARANG 2021`

Reported on: 2021-12-23

A cultural fest held at Farook College (Autonomous) after a very long wait of each and every Farookian. The event was hosted by the two most vibrant clubs of Farook College ; VIBEZ, The Music Club and STEPS, The Dance Club. The programme was conducted on 23rd of December , 2021 at the Yousuf Al Saqer Auditorium.

The programme began at 12:00 pm with the Inaugural ceremony which was held in the presence of Principal-Dr. K.M. Naseer, Union Advisor-Dr. Sajith E.K., Fine Arts Director-Dr.Reshmi R., Steps Dance Club Coordinator-Ms.Dilara M. and Vibez Music Club Coordinator-Mr. Javad K. Principal and Fine Arts Director addressed the gathering with their encouraging words. 

Members of both STEPS and VIBEZ, in the leadership of the student coordinators, Arya K.P. and Athira Ramesh, respectively, participated actively in all the programmes, thereby, entertaining the huge audience who were present to witness the energetic performances by the participants.

The programme will surely be imbibed in the memories of each and every Farookian as it was reflected in the great response from the audience. Their energy and encouragement was very well reciprocated in each and every performance by the participants.The programme ended at 2:30 pm. The Union Advisor proposed the Vote of Thanks.