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Reported on: 2021-06-30

In connection with the 'National Reading Day', the department of Psychology, Farook college organised a symposium on 30th June 2021 at 3:00 PM via Google meet on the topic 'Reading and Mind'. Almost all the first year psychology students were part of this elucidative program. The main aim of this program was to remind us all about the importance of reading in today's generation.

The event started with the introduction of the guest speaker by Dr.Nisha, HOD followed by welcome speech by Assistant Professor, Shireen. The prominent cultural psychologist, Dr.Vijith, Assistant professor and HOD of Government College, Mankada was our guest speaker along with the faculty members of Farook College. Dr.Vijith addressed the students starting with a poem 'Njaan' which was written by him. His idea was to convey the blissfulness he got by reading. He mainly addressed three questions which has greater relevance in today's society. He gave an accurate description on when should one take a book, what happens when one reads and how does it effect the students. He emphasized the thoughts of great psychologists and authors. According to him,diving into a great book can be immersive experience that makes our mind come alive. He imparted a great deal of knowledge to the students that it helps to improve one's perspective on various things. He stressed the importance of having the collection of books within oneself. He highlighted the significance of library in the life of human beings. He committed himself to bring out the idea to the students. He concluded it with the remarkable lines of his own poem 'Dhyanam' and 'Pattam'. The interactive session culminated with a vote of thanks given by Dr.Nisha ,HOD Psychology. This session was indeed motivating and inspiring. He enocuraged the students to read by sharing a glimpse from his life.