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Panel discussion on "Artificial Intelligence and Humans"

Reported on: 2023-02-21

‘Arcadia 2k22’ (Multimedia Students’ Association) organised a panel discussion on 'Artificial Intelligence and Humans as part of Festival De Likha. There was a debate on many aspects of the topic, including whether the unprecedented growth in the field of artificial intelligence is a threat or a benefit to humanity. Concerns about human existence in the posthuman era, morality, and surveillance were also shared. The discussion ended with the hope that we should not turn our backs on the changes, as they are the product of human intelligence and imagination, but should nurture and transform them in a manner suitable for human progress.

Ameer Salman, Head of Journalism Department at Farooq College, chaired the discussion in the Audio Visual Theatre. Naufal P., Founder and CEO, Illusia Lab, Ciber Park, Taufiq Manham, Lead Designer, and Noora V., Asst. Professor of Malayalam, Farook College (Autonomous), participated in the discussion as panel members.