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Milestone Moment: Foundation Laid for New Staff Club Block at Farook College

Reported on: 2023-05-31

In a momentous event at Farook College, the foundation laying ceremony for the new block of the Staff Club took place, signifying a significant step forward in enhancing the facilities available for the staff and visitors of the prestigious institution. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of various dignitaries, including P.K. Ahammed, President of Farook College.

Dignitaries Gather for a Momentous Occasion

Among the prominent attendees were Dr. K.M. Naseer, the Principal of Farook College (autonomous), Janab K. Kunhalavi, Vice President of the Management Committee, Janab N. K. Mohammed Ali, Treasurer, Adv. M. Mohamad, Janab Ummer Koya, and other respected members of the Management Committee. Also present were A Kuttialikutty, Former Principal of Farook College, Mr. Asif Hassan, Secretary of Al-Farook Educational Centre and Dr. A. K. Abdul Rahim, Director of Al-Farook Educational Centre Dr. K.A. Aysha Swapna, IQAC Coordinator, Dr. T. Mohammed Ali, Coordinator of the Quality Advisory Council, Dr. P.P. Yusufali, General Secratary FOSA, Shilujas M., Staff Club Secretary, Dr. Hussain Madavoor, and several other distinguished guests.

Al-Farook Educational Centre's Generous Sponsorship

The new block, generously sponsored by the Al-Farook Educational Centre, is a testament to their commitment to the development and welfare of Farook College. The proposed building, which is expected to be completed within six months, will comprise of two stories catering to the diverse needs of the college community.

Enhancing Facilities for Staff and Visitors

The ground floor of the new block will house a Post Office and a Cooperative Store, providing convenient access to essential services for the staff and students alike. The first floor will be dedicated to the Staff Club's recreational activities, creating a space for relaxation and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the staff members. Additionally, it will also serve as a comfortable rest area for parents visiting Farook College during various occasions.

Enthusiasm and Commitment from Al-Farook Educational Centre

Mr. Asif Hassan, Secretary of Al-Farook Educational Centre, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and assured that the construction work would be completed promptly within the designated timeline. This development represents an important investment in the infrastructure of Farook College, further enriching the educational environment and ensuring the well-being of the college community.

Fostering a Progressive Educational Environment

The foundation laying ceremony of the new block for the Staff Club serves as a testament to the commitment of Farook College and its stakeholders to providing a conducive and progressive environment for both staff and students. The entire Farook College community eagerly awaits the completion of this new facility, which promises to enhance the overall experience of all those associated with the institution.