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Industry Experts Lead Orientation Programme for First-Year BA Multimedia Students

Reported on: 2023-08-03

Dept. of Multimedia organized an orientation for BA Multimedia students by external faculties as part of RUSA-Sponsored Programme- VISMAY 23, on August 3, 2023. This focused initiative introduced industry experts into the fold, who seamlessly navigated the students through a series of illuminating sessions. These sessions unveiled profound insights into the diverse landscape of multimedia, empowering the students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Session 1 - "Diving into Digital Canvas"

The programme commenced with an engaging session by Subhash Chandran, a Senior Designer and AI Artist with a remarkable career. His session, titled "Diving into Digital Canvas," provided students with a comprehensive overview of the practical applications embedded within the 3-Year BA Multimedia UG Programme. By delving into domains such as graphic design, interactive media, animation, and video production, Mr. Chandran showcased how acquired skills can be effectively utilized in real-world scenarios. This illuminating session not only offered insights but also motivated students for the exciting journey ahead.

Session 2 - "Revisiting the Mythic; Filmic Apprehensions in the Digital Age"

The second session of the day was graced by Arya P.G., a distinguished alumna of Farook College's Multimedia Department, currently a Research Scholar at Thunjath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University. Arya's presentation was a journey through her evolution from a first-year UG student to her current role. Her experiences and achievements served as a beacon of inspiration, underscoring the potential and possibilities within the multimedia programme. Arya P.G.'s dual role as an alumna and a research scholar resonated deeply with the attendees, further fueling their aspirations in the multimedia domain.

Session 3 - "Unveiling The World of CGI"

The third and final session of the day unveiled the captivating world of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), led by Basil Artbench, a renowned VFX Artist and YouTuber. Titled " Unveiling The World of CGI," his session illuminated the creative process, applications, and boundless potential of CGI in modern media and entertainment. Through live demonstrations and captivating examples, attendees gained profound insights, igniting their imagination and fostering a deeper appreciation for CGI's transformative capabilities.

The external faculty's contribution to VISMAY 2023 further enriched the students' understanding of multimedia's diverse dimensions. Their practical insights, coupled with their personal journeys, resonated deeply with the young learners, inspiring them to approach their studies with renewed enthusiasm and a broader perspective.