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Farook College proudly honours Nihala Shereef for remarkable achievement in the Civil Service Exam.

Reported on: 2023-06-07

Farook College (Autonomous) proudly acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable achievement of Nihala Shereef, a student of the Farook College, PM Institute of Civil Services Examination, which serves as the dedicated Civil Service Exam Training Centre at Farook College campus. Nihala's exceptional performance in the recent civil service examination has earned her well-deserved recognition and applause.

Nihala, who diligently pursued a one-year regular course at Farook College , PM Institute achieved success in her third attempt at the UPSC Civil Service exam. Her journey with Farook College began after she secured commendable marks in the institution's scholarship exam.

With a master's degree in engineering, Nihala chose Malayalam as her optional subject for the exam. Grateful for the support and guidance provided by Farook College PM Institute , Nihala credits the institution as the driving force behind her accomplishments.

Hailing from Kollam, Nihala is the daughter of Shereef and Sajitha. Currently, she is preparing to embark on the foundation programme scheduled to commence in Mussoorie in July 2023 , a crucial step towards her goal of joining the distinguished Civil Service.

In a special ceremony on 7th June 2023 at Farook College, Principal Dr. Aysha Swapna presented a token of appreciation on behalf of Farook College to honor Nihala's exceptional achievement. The event was attended by College Vice Principal Dr. E. K. Sajith, P. M. Institute of Civil Service Examinations Director Dr. P. P. Yusuf Ali, and Academic Head Ashif K.P

Farook College takes great pride in celebrating the success of its students and remains dedicated to nurturing and empowering future leaders in various fields. Congratulations to Nihala Shereef for her remarkable achievement, and we extend our best wishes for her continued success in all her future endeavors.