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Charting the Path to Media Mastery: Students' Eye-Opening Visit to Mathrubhumi

Reported on: 2023-10-06

On October 6, 2023, a group of 30 students from the journalism and mass communication department embarked on an industrial visit to Mathrubhumi. The delegation consisted of 9 male and 21 female students, all eager to gain insights into the world of media and journalism.
During the visit, students had the opportunity to observe various aspects of Mathrubhumis operations, including editorial processes, newsroom workflows, printing facilities, and digital media production. They were guided by experienced professionals who provided valuable insights into the functioning of a leading media organization.

The visit proved to be highlyinformative and educational, allowing the students to connect theoretical knowledge with practical industry practices. It also provided a platform for students to interact with professionals, ask questions, and broaden their understanding of journalism and mass communication.

Overall, the industrial visit to Mathrubhumi was a valuable experience that enriched the students' academic journey and gave them a deeper understanding of the media industry. It will undoubtedly contribute to their growth as future journalists and media professionals.