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A theater-based, one-day workshop on connections and reflections

Reported on: 2023-09-29

The Department of Psychology organized a theater-based, one-day workshop on "Connections and Reflections" (funded by RUSA) as part of the social outreach activity for the students. Dr. Suvrad (Head of the Department, Self-Financing Division) welcomed the gathering. Dr. Nisha K. (Head of the Department, Aided) presided over the function. Dr. Fathima Bushra Saliha and Mrs. Naseeha P coordinated the function, and Dr. Fathima Bushra Saliha, Faculty, Department of Psychology, proposed the vote of thanks.

The workshop started with a one-minute silent prayer and an introductory speech about the workshop. The workshop had both interactive and practical sessions facilitated by Dr. Rajani Ramachandran, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Calicut.

In the one-day workshop, it was aimed at using varieties of theater-based techniques as a means of self-exploration, looking at a set of patterns that people may have for interacting with the world and the possibility of breaking those patterns and creating new realities. The workshop used techniques developed by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theater activist. Most of the activities were movement- and/or action-based and were designed to be fun while at the same time providing a means of reflection. Students actively participated in the feedback session with commendable remarks. The workshop came to an end at 4:00 p.m.

The enjoyable movement-based workshop facilitated the participants' reflections and encouraged them to break patterns and envision new realities. This workshop provided the basics for developing an insight to make a reflection about themselves while providing training for others in social outreach activities.