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Farook College signs MoU with Department of Statistics, Muttil.

Reported on: 2023-03-09

The PG and Research Department of Statistics at Farook College (Autonomous) has recently established a valuable collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Statistics at WMO Arts and Science College, Muttil, Wayanad, on March 9, 2023. This partnership aims to enhance the academic and professional growth of our students. The key areas of cooperation outlined in the MoU are as follows:

  1. Student Guidance and Support: Both institutions will extend guidance and support to students in their pursuit of knowledge and internships, enabling them to achieve their career goals in the field of data analytics.

  2. Seminars and Workshops: We will jointly organise seminars and workshops on various topics crucial for data analytics, including but not limited to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other emerging fields.

  3. Collaborative Projects: The professional expertise of faculty members from both institutions will be harnessed to undertake valuable and socially impactful projects, ensuring successful completion and meaningful outcomes.

  4. Fundamental Knowledge Acquisition: This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for students from both departments to acquire fundamental knowledge in vital areas such as regression analysis, time series analysis, multivariate analysis, and more.

The agreement was formally signed by Dr. K.M. Naseer, Principal of Farook College, and Dr. T.P.M. Fareed, Principal of WMO Arts and Science College, solidifying the commitment of both institutions to foster academic excellence and professional development in the field of statistics.

This collaboration between Farook College and WMO Arts and Science College opens up new avenues for students, encouraging their exploration of data analytics and empowering them to excel in their future careers. We are confident that this partnership will bring valuable insights, innovation, and growth to the field of statistics.