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Screening and Open Forum out of the short film "Out of 10" by Staff Club 2023-24

Reported on: 2024-03-19

The short movie " Out of 10" which is the most discussed in the field of education today and current political scenario has been screened by Staff Club 2023-24 of Farook College in association with Farook Institute of Teacher Education. The screening and open forum held at Audio Visual Theatre of Farook College on 19 March 2024. A total number of 122 participants took part in the programme. The movie has been made by the teachers of Farook UP School as a gift to their head teacher Mr. Muhammad Kutty who is going to be retired in the current year 2024.

The teachers of Farook College Dr. Habeeb C, Dr. Yazir P, Naseeha C P, Dr. Muhammed Musthafa etc were actively participated in the Open Forum. During the function Mr. Muhammad Kutty the head teacher of Farook UP School has been honoured by the Staff club, Farook College and the gift is handed over by the principal Dr Aysha Swapna. Dr. Shilujas M the Secretary of Staff Club moderated the entire function and Mr. Safad the student of Teacher Education Institution expressed the gratitude in the function. The programme lasted for two hours.