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Riḍā Al-Iftār '24 the Grand Ifthar Gathering organised by the Staff Club

Reported on: 2024-03-26

Riḍā Al-Iftār '24" marked the grand iftar celebration orchestrated by the Staff Club of Farook College. This event, held on the evening of March 26th, 2024, brought together the entire teaching and non-teaching staff, including retired members, from both the aided and unaided sections of the college. A total of 180 participants joined in the festivities, indulging in a lavish feast featuring 18 delectable dishes meticulously prepared and served by a distinguished catering team from Kozhikode.

The Association of Retired Teachers (ART) conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to the college staff for extending the invitation, expressing gratitude and affection. This gathering, which also served as the final event of the Staff Club for the academic year 2023-24, encapsulated camaraderie and communal spirit among the college community.