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Farook College NSS Organizes Impactful Cancer Awareness Programme 2023

Reported on: 2023-11-07

On November 7th, 2023, as part of National Cancer Awareness Day, the NSS units of Farook College organized a cancer awareness programme in the UG seminar hall at 2:30 pm. The session commenced with a rendition of NSS Geetham. Dr. Mansoorali T., the program officer, delivered a presidential address and introduced the esteemed resource person, Dr. Yamini Krishna. Husna, representing the Hope authority, extended a warm welcome and illuminated the audience about the impactful initiatives of the Hope. Dr. K.A. Aysha Swapna, principal, Farook College, inaugurated the programme and shared insightful perspectives during the principal's address.

Dr. Yamini Krishna, a distinguished pediatric oncology specialist at MVR Cancer Center in Kozhikode, delivered a comprehensive discourse on childhood cancer. She conveyed her joy at the attendance of the audience. She presented statistics on cancer patients in India and Kerala. Dr. Krishna delved into her experiences in the field, shedding light on both the challenges and potential treatments for cancer. She emphasized the collaborative efforts of their teams, the dedicated attention given to patients, and provided insights on how to offer mental support in handling such situations. This information is valuable as it raises awareness about a topic many may be unfamiliar with.

The active engagement of students throughout the program, coupled with an interactive session, provided a platform for them to pose queries to the resource persons. Dr. Vahida Beegam extended felicitations during the event, and NSS Secretary Bazil conveyed a heartfelt vote of thanks. Undoubtedly, the Cancer Awareness Programme emerged as a profound and informative initiative, fostering heightened understanding and meaningful dialogue on this critical health issue.