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Farook College Cadets Triumph at State-Level Sports Shooting Competition

Reported on: 2023-05-28

We are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of our talented cadets at the state-level sports shooting competition held in Kottayam. The cadets of Farook College showcased their remarkable skills and dedication, securing victories in an impressive four out of the eight competition categories.

In the Open Sight 3 Position Boys category, UO Sooraj N. emerged as the champion, impressing everyone with his exceptional marksmanship. His outstanding performance and unwavering focus earned him the coveted first prize, reflecting his exceptional talent and hard work.

SGT Muhammed Ameen Ali showcased his shooting prowess in the Peep Sight 3 Position Boys category, emerging as the undisputed champion. With his remarkable precision and control, he secured the first prize, exemplifying his dedication and skill.

CPL Rajeevan K.R. demonstrated his exceptional talent in the Peep Sight Pron Position category, emerging as the champion. His outstanding marksmanship and consistent performance throughout the competition earned him the first prize, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

In the Open Sight 3 Position Girls' category, Manjusha K.T. left her competitors behind and emerged as the champion. Her exceptional skills and focus enabled her to secure the first prize, highlighting her talent in sports shooting.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to UO Sooraj N., SGT Muhammed Ameen Ali, CPL Rajeevan K.R., and Manjusha K.T. for their remarkable achievements. Their victories bring immense pride to Farook College and serve as an inspiration to their fellow cadets. We commend their dedication, perseverance, and exceptional performances that have brought glory to our institution. Their success in the state-level sports shooting competition is a testament to their hard work and the support they received from their coaches and the college community. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and applaud their commitment to excellence in sports.