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DESMOS 3.0 (Inter Collegiate Math Fest) Inaugurated by Dr. K.M. Naseer

Reported on: 2023-02-23

Desmos 3.0 is an intercollegiate programme organised by the Department of Mathematics of Farook College on February 23, 2023. The main intention is to develop the skills and intelligence of students from different parts of Kerala. This event helped them nurture their opportunities for the future. The main programmes were the Presentation Competition, Quiz Competition, Rubik’s Cube Solving Competition, Speedomath Human Calculator, and Treasure Hunt.

The programme, DESMOS 3.0, started at 9:30 a.m. in Yusuf Al Saqer Auditorium by the Inauguration Ceremony. The programme begins with a prayer. The welcome speech was delivered by Aysha Hadya, the association coordinator, and Mr. Mohammed Nishad, HoD, Dept. of Mathematics, chaired the programme. Then it was officially inaugurated by Dr. K.M. Naseer, the principal of Farook College. On this auspicious occasion, the Department of Mathematics honoured Dr. K.M. Naseer (Principal of Farook College), Dr. T. Muhammed Ali (HoD of History, Senate Member Calicut University), Dr. S.V. Abdul Hameed (HoD of the Department of Zoology, Secretary of the PTA, Director of DoA Farook College), and Dr. Juvariya R.M. (HoD of the Department of Statistics)  as they were retiring this year. Finally, Fathima Sinana, Association Secretary, Dept. of Mathematics, delivered the vote of thanks.