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Celebrating Onam Uniquely: An Insightful Exchange of Ideas at Farook College

Reported on: 2023-08-21

On August 21, 2023, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication hosted an enlightening open discussion centered around the topic, "Onam - matha Raashtriya Samskarika Alojanakal". The aim was to provide students with a deeper understanding of the Onam celebration in Kerala, featuring perspectives from individuals of various religions and political backgrounds.

The event featured a dynamic open discussion with two distinguished guests: Mrs. Shahina Rafiq, a renowned writer and columnist, and Mr. M. B. Manoj, an associate professor in the Department of Malayalam at Calicut University. The session was skillfully moderated by Abdul Wahid, a 2nd-year MCJ student.

Both faculty members and students from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication actively participated in the event, and it drew attendees from diverse departments, including Multimedia and Physics. This open discussion served as a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, promoting a more comprehensive understanding of Onam's cultural significance.