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Faculties of Dept. of Multimedia Organized Orientation for First-Year BA Multimedia Students

Reported on: 2023-08-02

In an effort to provide a strong foundation and insights into the dynamic field of multimedia, Farook College's Department of Multimedia organized a comprehensive orientation programme for the first-year BA Multimedia students. The program, titled VIDYARTHI SEVA MAHA YOJANA (VISMAY), is a RUSA sponsored Capacity Building Programme aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the world of digital media. The orientation, held on August 2, 2023, featured an array of engaging sessions conducted by internal faculties, each offering a unique perspective on the multifaceted field of multimedia.

Session 1 - "Media Metamorphosis: Unraveling the Reel & the Real"

The programme commenced with an enlightening session titled "Media Metamorphosis: Unraveling the Reel & the Real" by Dr. Ajeena Rose, Assistant Professor & Head of the Department of Multimedia at Farook College. Her captivating lecture delved into the transformative impact of digital technology on media creation and consumption. Through her insights, students gained a deeper understanding of the convergence of fiction and reality in media, while also recognizing the critical role of media literacy in navigating the digital landscape.

Session 2 - "Digital Media Production: Crafting Compelling Digital Stories"

The morning continued with an engaging session conducted by Mr. Arun V. Krishna, Assistant Professor in the Department of Multimedia. His session focused on the art of digital media production, where students were introduced to the essentials of crafting impactful narratives using visual and audio elements. His emphasis on adaptability within the ever-changing media landscape provided students with a solid foundation to embark on their journey as skilled digital storytellers.

Session 3 - "Graphic Alchemy & Animated Enchantment"

Mr. Musammil T.P., Assistant Professor in the Department of Multimedia, brought the captivating world of visuals to life in his session titled "Graphic Alchemy & Animated Enchantment." Through this interactive session, students discovered the power of visuals in conveying stories and messages. The session not only underscored the emotional impact of visual storytelling but also encouraged students to tap into their creative potential within the multimedia domain.

Session 4 - "Multimedia Mavericks: Higher Education and Thriving Careers"

Ms. Fabi C. Ismail, Assistant Professor in the Department of Multimedia, provided invaluable insights in a session dedicated to exploring the array of opportunities awaiting students upon completing their three-year programme. Titled "Multimedia Mavericks: Higher Education and Thriving Careers," the session equipped students with a clearer understanding of potential career paths and avenues for higher education within the dynamic multimedia landscape.

Session 5 - "Learning to Unlearn and Re-learn"

The orientation's final session, led by Ms. Husna K. Latheef, Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism, delved into the essence of "Learning to Unlearn and Re-learn." With a focus on new media and the role of communication and journalism in today's dynamic landscape, the session prepared students to adapt and excel in the ever-evolving world of media and mass communication.

The VISMAY orientation programme  succeeded in setting a strong foundation for the first-year BA Multimedia students, empowering them to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly changing multimedia landscape. Through the valuable insights and experiences shared by the internal faculties, students are now better equipped to embark on their journey to becoming skilled and responsible multimedia professionals.