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Student Exchange Programme and Field Study on "Cultural Heritage of Kuttichira"

Reported on: 2023-07-12

On July 12, 2023, as part of the Student Exchange Programme between the Department of Sociology at Farook College (Autonomous) and the Department of Humanities at St. Claret College,  a field study was conducted at Kuttichira, a heritage site located in Kozhikode, Kerala. The objective of this study was to explore and understand the cultural heritage of Kuttichira, providing students with a firsthand experience of its historical significance.

During the field study, the participants had the opportunity to observe and engage with various aspects of Kuttichira's cultural heritage. They were guided by knowledgeable experts who provided detailed explanations and historical context regarding the site. The students explored the architecture, art, and cultural practices associated with Kuttichira. They visited historical landmarks, including ancient temples, mosques, and traditional houses, which showcased the rich heritage of the region.

The participants actively interacted with locals, allowing them to gain insights into the cultural practices and traditions that have been preserved over generations. The field study not only provided an educational experience but also fostered an appreciation for the importance of preserving cultural heritage. The students learned about the challenges faced in conserving such sites and the efforts being made to safeguard them for future generations. The experience at Kuttichira offered a unique blend of historical knowledge and cultural immersion, enabling the participants to develop a deeper understanding of Kerala's rich heritage. The field study served as a catalyst for cross-cultural exchange, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among the students.