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"The Youth and Media" panel discussion organized as part of Student Exchange Programme

Reported on: 2023-07-10

As part of the Student Exchange Programme, the Department of Sociology at Farook College (Autonomous) and the Department of Humanities at St.Claret College conducted a student panel discussion on July 10, 2023, held at the Audio Visual Theatre. The topic of discussion was "The Youth and Media," which explored the influence of media on today's youth and its impact on their lives.

The panel discussion was organized to provide an interactive platform for students to share their perspectives and engage in insightful conversations. The panelists for the discussion were Kurtikamlesh Hudka, Vishanv BP, Sr. Lali, Joseph Baby from St. Claret College, and Rizwah and Irfana VK from Farook College. These individuals were chosen based on their diverse backgrounds and experiences, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the topic. The session was effectively moderated by Aditya PS, who ensured a smooth flow of discussion and encouraged active participation from both the panelists and the audience. The panel discussion on "The Youth and Media" served as a valuable platform for students to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and develop a more nuanced understanding of the role and influence of media in their lives.