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Farook College PM Institute Inaugurates 2023-24 Regular Batch and Releases Exam Calendar

Reported on: 2023-06-21

Dr. Aysha Swapna, the esteemed Principal of Farook College, inaugurated the commencement of the 2023–24 Regular batch of Farook College's prestigious PM Institute of Civil Services Examinations. This momentous occasion, held on June 21, 2023, was marked by the release of the Institute's comprehensive one-year annual exam calendar, outlining the roadmap for aspiring civil servants. The event was presided over by the esteemed Dr. P.P. Yusufali, Director of Farook College PM Institute, with a warm welcome address delivered by Mr. Ashif KP, Academic Head.

Distinguished guests added to the grandeur of the ceremony, including Mr. Ismail Mohammad, a senior Faculty member of PM Institute, and Dr. Ajeena Rose, the esteemed Head of Multimedia, Farook College. Their presence brought honour and prestige to the event, as they offered their congratulations and best wishes to the participants.

The event was further enriched by the presence of senior teachers and Heads of departments from Farook College, whose invaluable presence served to underline the significance of the occasion.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the institute, Mr. Abusali, the Coordinator of Farook College PM Institute, delivered a sincere and heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that made the inauguration possible.

With the inauguration of the 2023–24 Regular batch and the release of the annual exam calendar, the Farook College PM Institute embarks on another year of empowering and guiding aspiring civil servants. The Institute's commitment to excellence continues to inspire and nurture the bright minds of tomorrow, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the civil service examinations.