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One-Day Nature Study Camp At Vanaparvam Biodiversity Conservation Park

Reported on: 2023-10-06

As a part of the Wildlife Week celebration, the students of the Department of Botany and Zoology got an opportunity to attend a one-day nature study camp at Vanaparvam Biodiversity Conservation Park, Engapuzha, as per the application of the Department of Botany. The camp was held on October 6, 2023, Friday, organized by the Social Forestry (Extension) division.

There were 38 students, of whom 18 were from the Department of Botany and 20 from Zoology. Dr. Rashiba A.P., Head of the Department, Zoology; Naseeha C.P., Assistant Professor, Department of Botany; and Abdussalam K.K., Lab Assistant, Department of Botany, accompanied the students. Everyone gathered around 6.45 a.m. at Farook College and departed at 7 a.m. Reached on 9.00 am at, Vanaparvam. 

After the registration, there was a session on urban wildlife as part of the Wild Life Week celebration. The session began with a welcome address by Vabeesh M., Section Forest Officer, Social Forestry Extension, Kozhikode. Dr.Arun Sathyan, Special Officer-Nipah Center, Former Assistant Veterinary Officer, Forest Department, Kozhikode, gave the technical session on urban wildlife. A few students (Adeeb, Misna, and Hashifa) shared their reviews of the session, which ended at 12.15 p.m.

After 15 minutes of preparation, the trekking began. It was guided by Mr. Vabeesh, Dr. Arun Sathyan and Gokul, the forest watcher. The team observed Paris peacock and blue mormon, giant wood spider pairs. Experienced the sounds of certain birds. Observed lots of pteridophytes, epiphytic mosses, fungi, large woody climbers, medicinal plants, bamboos etc.

After lunch at3.45 p.m., all the participants gathered in the interpretation center for the review meeting of the one-day camp. Everyone shared their experiences from the day. Then the certificates were distributed. Officially, the camp came to an end by 5 p.m. with a group photo session.