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Farook College Induction Programme for First Year UG Students and Parents

Reported on: 2023-07-05

Farook College (Autonomous) conducted a successful Induction Programme for first-year UG students and their parents on 5th July 2023 at the prestigious Haji A.P. Bava Convention Centre. Organized by the College Parent and Teachers Association (P.T.A.), the event aimed to welcome and familiarize the newcomers with the college environment.

The programme commenced with a soulful prayer recital by Anamika, followed by the melodious rendition of the College Geetham by the College Choir. Dr. E.K. Sajith, the Vice Principal and Secretary of P.T.A., extended a warm welcome to the attendees, setting a positive tone for the event.

Dr. Aysha Swapna K.A., Principal of Farook College (Autonomous), delivered an inspiring address, introducing the rich legacy and visionaries of Farook College to the newcomers. She emphasized the college's commitment to academic excellence and encouraged the students to embrace the values and traditions upheld by the institution. Her speech provided valuable insights into the journey and achievements of Farook College, instilling a sense of pride and inspiration among the audience. The inauguration was graced by Jb. P.K. Ahamed, the President of the Managing Committee, who formally inaugurated the programme.

The ceremony continued with felicitations from esteemed guests, including Dr. Ali Faizal (Acting Secretary, Managing Committee), Jb. K. Kunhalavi (Vice President, Managing Committee), Jb. C.P. Kunhimohammed (Manager, Managing Committee), and Jb. N.K. Mohamed Ali (Treasurer, Managing Committee).

Najeeb Kanthapuram, M.L.A. and Vice President of P.T.A., delivered an enlightening address, emphasizing the importance of education and the role of parents in the academic journey. Distinguished personalities in attendance included Dr. P.P. Yusufali (Director, Self Financing Division), Dr. V. Kabeer (Controller of Examinations), Dr. T. Mufeeda (IQAC Coordinator), Dr. T. Shalina Begum (Hostel Provost), Capt. Dr. P Abdul Azees, Lt. Dr. A.T. Abdul Jabbar, Lt. Dr. M.S. Sreekala, and V. Abdul Saleem (Senior Superintendent).

The programme concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by P. Muhammed Rasheed, the Secretary of the College Council. The event ended on a patriotic note with the rendition of the National Anthem by the College Choir, evoking a sense of pride and unity among the attendees.

The Induction Programme served as an important platform for the first-year students and their parents to familiarize themselves with the college administration, faculty, and facilities. Farook College wishes all the students a successful academic journey filled with growth, learning, and achievement