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IQAC Farook College conducted a pre workshop on Moodle LMS content development for the faculty

Reported on: 2022-06-27

The pre workshop on Moodle LMS Content Development for Faculty was conducted on 25.06.2022 Saturday at Yousef Al Saqer Auditorium.  The session began with the welcome address of the IQAC Coordinator Dr. Aysha Swapna K A, followed by the speech delivered by Dr. V. Kabeer, Controller of Examinations where he emphasised the need of a platform for online teaching and evaluation.
The technical sessions started off with Dr. Ashkarali P, who introduced the topic which was later taken up by Dr. K. Biju. Dr. Biju discussion started with the paradigm shift in higher education after the pandemic era and initiated the audience with an activity where has asked the participants to share the problems faced in the online mode of teaching and further discussed it in the session.  This was later taken up by Dr. Ashkarali. He put forth few ideas to enrich the online sessions to make it better. The discussion concluded with introducing the need of blended mode of learning and learning management systems at the same time ensuring the screen time should be minimal.
The discussion later moved to course design and structuring where Dr. Biju highlighted criticality in designing course objectives and its importance in drafting syllabus based on Blooms Taxonomy. Visualization of outcomes for the course was what he then focussed on. Before the session broke for lunch, the batch was directed to rewrite their outcomes which was initialised done with the help of an activity.
Post lunch session started with a discussion of the importance of assessment and various methods of evaluation. The entire session was delivered as a Moodle course to the participants. The session progressed with the logging in and discussions on various templates available on the LMS platform of the college. Before the pre workshop wound up, every participants has started off by doing their activities assigned in their respective pages allotted.
The session concluded at around 4:45 PM and program coordinator proposed the vote of thanks.