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A seminar on cultural identity and intertextuality in Arabic literature

Reported on: 2022-12-07

The International Arabic Seminar on "Cultural Identity and Intertextuality in Arabic Literature" stated that new media play a major role in social and political changes of the world and that new media should understand ethics and fulfill their responsibilities."

The seminar was co-organized by the P.G and Research Department of Arabic, Farook College (Autonomous) on the 5,6 and 7 December 2022 in conjunction with the Ansar Arabic College in Valavannur in commemoration of World Arabic Language Day.

The main guests at the event were Saud Sanoosui, Kuwaiti novelist and Arab Booker Prize winner, Dr. Ayman Atoom, eminent Jordanian novelist and poet, and Samira Obeid, a famous Qatari short story writer and poetess.

World Arabic Language Day is celebrated in connection with the day when the General Assembly of the United Nations recognized Arabic as the sixth official language of the organization in 1973. The United Nations General Assembly sees the Arabic language as a pillar of the cultural diversity of humanity.  30 research papers were presented in the seminar and around 370 of teachers, students and researchers attended the seminar.