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College Painting Club 'Strokes' Unveils 'Constitution Wall' on Independence Day

Reported on: 2023-08-15

Strokes, the Painting Club, Farook College (Autonomous) created a wall painting named as Constitution Wall at the Abussabah Library Complex. Today on the occasion of Independence day, the wall painting was unveiled by Socio Vasu, the  Freedom fighter in the presence of Dr. K. A. Aysha Swapna, Principal, Dr. E.K. Sajith, Vice Principal, NCC and NSS officials, staff and students of the College.

Naseeha C.P., Dr. Zeenath Mohamed Kunhi, Bassam S.A,  Dr. Shumais U. and Juliya P. ( Student coordinator) coordinated the wall art. Shibila Sherin, Nashwa A.T, Maryam Zakiya, Alfa T. P., Jishana Jamal, Aysha Shaba, Sonu, Safdar Ali, Vaigash and Ameena K. C., the student members of Strokes contributed their artistic skills to realise this historic wall painting. The main attraction of the  Constitution Wall is the Preamble of Indian Constitution and the portraits of Dr. B.R Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad and Dr. Rajendra Prasad.