When: 2022-03-19 @ 09.30-05.00

Where: Auditorium


Aarohi-The Festival of Arts organised by Vibez, the music club, Steps, the dance club and Troupes, the theatre club of the college was held on 19-03-2022 at Yousef Al-Saqer Auditorium. The programme started at 9am with the live concert by the members of Vibez and dance performances by the members of Steps. The theatre club, Troupes staged their maiden performance, ‘Union of Choukidhar’. The logo of the newly launched club was released by Dr. K M Naseer, the principal in the presence of Dr. R Reshmi, the fine arts director and Mr. Ameer Salman O M, the teacher coordinator of the club. The programme was graced with the release of a poetry collection ‘Ruminations’ authored by Ms.Marva Muhammed of BA Functional English. Later on, there were performances by other students of the college. The programme ended with a note of appreciation by the fine arts director at 5pm.