Department of Malayalam

The Department of Malayalam Hosted Book Release, Alumni Meet, and Farewell Ceremony

Reported on: 2023-05-25

May 25, 2023: The Department of Malayalam, Farook College (Autonomous), organised a momentous event that brought together alumni, celebrated the release of the Farook Malayalam book, and bid farewell to the retiring principal, Dr. K.M. Naseer.

Esteemed Chief Guests Enrich the Occasion

Distinguished personalities graced the event as esteemed chief guests, adding grandeur and wisdom to the proceedings. Notable among them were the esteemed writer and social critic, K.E.N. Kunhahamed; eminent Malayalam writer Indu Menon; and Dr. M.P. Abdusamad Samadani M.P. Their presence elevated the event to new heights.

Heartfelt Farewell Ceremony for Dr. K.M. Naseer

The farewell ceremony held during the event marked the culmination of Dr. K.M. Naseer's extraordinary journey as the principal and former Head of the Department of Malayalam at Farook College. It was a heartfelt tribute to his unwavering dedication, inspiring leadership, and remarkable contributions to education. Alumni, along with the Farook College community, shared cherished memories and bid farewell to an exceptional leader who left an indelible mark on the institution.

Release of the Farook Malayalam book

A highlight of the event was the highly anticipated release of the Farook Malayalam book, which serves as a treasury of rare memories and narratives shared by students, teachers, and alumni of Farook College. As Farook College celebrates its platinum jubilee, the release of the book holds immense significance. Esteemed writer and social critic K.E.N. Kunhahamed unveiled the book, while eminent Malayalam writer Indu Menon received the first copy. The dedicated editors of this publication are teachers from the Malayalam department, namely Dr. Abdul Azeez P. (Azeez Tharuvana), Dr. Mansoorali T., and Noora V.

Engaging alumni strengthens bonds.

The event also featured a vibrant alumni meet organized by the Malayalam Department. Former students seized the opportunity to reconnect, reminisce, and strengthen their bonds with each other and the institution. The Alumni Meet showcased the enduring connections forged at Farook College and celebrated the collective achievements of its alumni.The event was a resounding success, bringing together past and present members of the Farook College community. It was a joyous celebration of accomplishments, cherished memories, and heartfelt gratitude. The Department of Malayalam's efforts in organising this event showcased the spirit of Farook College and its commitment to fostering lasting relationships with its alumni.

Overall, the event was a testament to the rich heritage and legacy of Farook College, celebrating the contributions of Dr. K.M. Naseer and the transformative experiences shared by the alumni.