Department of Physics

International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Physics-2024

Reported on: 2024-02-21


The International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ICTEP) 2024, held at Farook College (Autonomous) in Calicut on February 20th and 21st, gathered esteemed physicists and researchers from around the globe. With the objective of exploring the latest advancements and challenges in physics, the conference provided a platform for insightful presentations and engaging discussions.

Inaugural Ceremony

The inaugural ceremony of ICTEP 2024, held on February 20th, marked the beginning of two days dedicated to scholarly exchange and collaboration. Mr. Midhun Sha, Head of the Department, extended a warm welcome to participants, emphasizing the pivotal role of interdisciplinary dialogue in driving scientific progress. Dr. Aysha Swapna K A, the Principal, delivered an inspiring address, stressing the transformative potential of academic conferences like ICTEP in shaping the future of physics research. Professor Ajith Kembhavi, a renowned physicist, captivated the audience with thought-provoking insights into the latest developments in theoretical and experimental physics. Dr. Musfir P N, the program convener, expressed gratitude to all involved in making the conference a resounding success, setting the stage for enriching discussions and knowledge

Day 1

20th February 2024: The first day of the conference commenced with a keynote address by Dr. Ajit Kembhavi, focusing on the latest advancements in Astrophysics. Subsequent sessions featured illuminating presentations by Dr. Safakath Karuthedath on innovative approaches in organic solar cells, and Dr. Suraj Soman on the burgeoning field of indoor photovoltaics with Dye sensitized Solar,. Dr. Sabeena M's exploration of color tuning in materials and Dr. Jasnamol P's discussion on ferromagnetic thin films added depth to the diverse array of topics covered. Contributory talks by Dr Shamjid P, further enriched the program, providing a fertile ground for stimulating discussions and fostering collaboration among participants.

Day 2

21st February 2024, The second day of the conference began with a series of presentations focused on leveraging artificial intelligence for addressing cancer health disparities, delivered by Dr. Chitra R Nayak, and Dr. P P Pradyumnan provided valuable insights into recent advancements in Thermoelectricity for energy and environment, while Dr. Sunder Sahayanathan's exploration of active galaxies captivated the audience, Dr Jisha Chandroth Pannian’s presentations showcased a breadth of research endeavors, ranging from spin-orbit photonics, and Dr. Karem Abd El Azim Gaber Mahmuod demonstrated the field of radiation. Contributory talk by Jamshina Sanam P K, explored the field of thermoelectric matertials,. The day concluded with a feedback session and valedictory ceremony, where the achievements of ICTEP 2024 were celebrated, and participants were encouraged to continue their contributions to the field of physics.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Best Paper Presentation Award: Kartika Sankar received recognition for delivering the best paper presentation.
  • Best Poster Presentation Award: Arunaprabha was honored for her exceptional poster presentation.
  • Certificates of Participation: All participants were presented with certificates during the valedictory ceremony as a token of appreciation for their contributions.


ICTEP 2024 served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in theoretical and experimental physics. The presentations and discussions on both days showcased the depth and breadth of research within the field, while the networking opportunities provided a platform for researchers to share ideas and foster new collaborations. The success of ICTEP 2024 underscores its importance as a forum for advancing scientific discourse and contributing to the collective knowledge of the physics community.