Department of Botany

Dr Adnaan Farook V.

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany


He is a native of Eriyad of Thiruvali village of Malappuram District. He is deeply intrigued by the secret life organisms especially plants, fungi and microorganisms. The energy transformations in nature is enthusing him always. He is much interested in filed explorations and biodiversity studies. He has teaching experience in prestigious institutions like M.E.S. Mampad College, KAHM Unity Womens' College, Manjeri and currently working as Assistant Professor of Botany at Department of Botany of Farook College. He is socially committed and active in various organizations such as Palliative Care Association and Ubais Sainulabdeen Peace Foundation, New Delhi. Family is the source of inspiration to him always.


  • M.Sc.
  • PhD


  • Agaric Taxonomy