Sl.No Publication Publisher Type(s)
1 Social Orbit Farook College Peer Reviewed Research Journal
2 Majallath Al Sabah Lil Buhooth Department of Arabic Peer Reviewed Research Journal
3 Vibgyor IQAC & Research Promotion Council A Compendium of Published Research Works by the Faculty Fraternity of Farook College
4 Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Workshop on Expertising Network Infrastructure and Administration Concepts for the Academic Fraternity (ENIAC 2015 – 16) Department of Computer Science
5 Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Frontiers in Chemical Sciences (EFCS – 2017) Department of Chemistry
6 Proceedings of the international Arabic seminar on “Cultural exchange between India and Arab world throughout the ages“ Publications Division, Farook College
Sl.No Publication Publisher Type(s)
1 FOSA Mini Mag 2005 FOSA
2 De Tiden of kakhi NCC Army Published on the eve of 69th NCC Day