Published On:Jan 19

The 6th EFCS (Third National Conference -EFCS 2022) is scheduled to be held on January 19-20, 2023.

In an endeavour to support chemical/materials education, Farook College initiated a conference series named “Emerging Frontiers in Chemical Sciences, EFCS” in the year 2017. The first international conference, EFCS 2017, was held during September 23-25, 2017, and it was inaugurated by eminent scientist Prof. C. N. R. Rao. EFCS committee decided to conduct the international event every two years interspaced with a national event. The national conference, EFCS 2018, was held during November 23-24, 2018. The 3rd EFCS and the 2nd international Conference, EFCS-2019, was held on December 13 -15, 2019. The 4th EFCS and the second national conference in this series was an online Conference on the 4th and 5th December 2020. The third international and 5th EFCS conference, EFCS 2021, was also an online Conference held during 29 - 31 October 2021.

The 6th EFCS (third national conference) in this series (EFCS 2022) is scheduled to be held on January 19-20, 2023.