Department of Multimedia Communication

The Department of Multimedia Communication was established in the year 2013, aiming to evolve technical intellectuals. We envision a global society where there is effective communication, strong ethical values, commitment to diversity, inclusivity and embracement of technology to serve the public. The department commits to enriching society by empowering the youth through professional, values-driven and accessible education.

Dr.Ajeena Rose



T P Musammil

Assistant Professor


Arun V Krishna

Assistant Professor


1 .Multimedia

The course upskills your passion for responsible creativity and innovative ideas. The concept of multimedia conjoins diverse disciplines. Such as 2D and 3D animation, photography, videography, VFX, Web designing, Content development, communication and digital Art. This degree focus on providing a wholesome understanding of all core and allied disciplines of multimedia technology.

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1 .Infrastructure

Multimedia Centre, is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and strives to provide Industry oriented practical knowledge and hands-on experiences to its students in all aspects of mainstream and digital media.

2 .Infrastructure

The students are exposed to the real world creative gateway and industry best practices inside the campus in a built-in, well-equipped, full-fledged Audio Production Center (APC) with industry-standard big recording with a unique identity. APC is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, academic and non-academic spoken words and other creative sounds.

The latest technologies ensure that APC has highly flexible latest condenser Microphones, cool iMac processing units with pioneer in establishing DAW setup in educational institutes, fully furnished console Room with industry-oriented latest Editing Software, Sound-proofed art-of-the-state Recording Booth. The APC is equipped with Neumann TLM Condenser Mic, and Steinberg Multi-channel  Sound interface controlled by the Sound Engineer with Pro Tools software in the iMac system. The Live mixing was facilitated with a pair of Kali studio monitors controlled by the Nero Monitor controller. The 'console room’ and the isolated ‘booth’ are interconnected with a talkback facility.

3 .Photography Studio

A photographic studio is a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. Photographic training and the display of finished photographs are key functions of a photographic studio. The studio also consists of a Green Room and storage space for other photography related works. The Photography studio is equipped with Nikkon Still camera with lenses, Nikkon Speed Lights and Elinchrom Flash Kit with Transmitter.

4 .Videography studio

The video studio has a highly flexible latest digital 4K camera with holding equipment like Tripods, Sliders and Gimbals, along with adequate lighting units and light controllers. 

5 .Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab engages in training the students in 2D Graphics, 3D Animation, Web Designing, VFX motion Graphics. The Multimedia Lab having high-end workstations with network connections and an uninterrupted power supply. The systems are ready for graphic designing, post-production of audio and video programs, designing of websites, 2D and 3D Animation and creation of VFX and motion graphics.

1 .Memberships

Board of Studies

1 .Achievements

The students from the department the students have already made inroads by participating in various intercollegiate events, highlighting their excellence amongst the media graduates fraternity.


     A group of students from the Multimedia department participated in Splendore 2k17 Media Fest held on 20th September 2017 at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kalamassery, Kochi and bagged the overall championship

     Department of Multimedia participated in Supra Food Fest conducted by the Students Union and bagged the first prize in the competition.

      Department of Multimedia participated in Manuscript Magazine Competition conducted by Students Union and bagged the first prize.

1 .Activities 2020-21

The department organises various programs to enrich the student experience during the course.


       Orientation Programes

       Career Guidance Camps

       Interactive Sessions with experts

       Intercollegiate Animation fests

       Media Fests

       Art Exhibitions



       Theme based competitions